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RAID Disc System

In configurations RAID-5 treatment to the disk occurs only when it read / record information about parity or data. As a result, RAID-5 is better than RAID-3, productivity. In practice, productivity RAID-5 can sometimes reach or even surpass the performance odnodiskovyh systems. This increased productivity, of course, depends on many factors, including how RAID array is implemented and what possibilities there are of the server operating system. RAID-5 is also the highest among all standard implementations of RAID level data integrity, as both data and parity information on alternating enrolled. Because RAID-5 uses a bundle of blocks rather than bits, synchronization speed gives no advantages in productivity. Some manufacturers have added to their expansion systems RAID-5. One such extension is the availability of a built-in disk array; hot pool; (hot-spare). If a crash occurs drive, the drive from the hot pool immediately replaces emergency disk and copies the data themselves through their restoration of parity in the background. But remember that the restoration disk RAID-5 has a serious fall in the performance of your server. (For more information on the disk with; hot replacement, and, hot redundancy; see in the box; Hot; functions discs;.) RAID systems can be arranged with the help of downloaded on the server and uses for his work on the processor, and when specialized assistance RAID controller. Programmno-realizovannye RAID systems take a significant portion of system CPU resources, as well as system memory, which greatly reduces the server. Software RAID system sometimes included in the functions of the operating system (as is done in Microsoft Windows NT Server), or from third supplement suppliers (as has been done in NetWare and Macintosh operating system).
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