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RAID Disc System

Novell narrowed the definition of the concept of mirroring and duplication added (duplexing). According to Novell terminology, mirroring refers to the pair of discs when they are connected to the server or PC via an HBA, while duplication implies that mirror pairs of disks connected via separate HBA. Duplication provides redundancy entire disk channel, including HBA, cables and disks, and allows multiple productivity. RAID-3 requires a minimum of three identical disks. Often this technology is called "n minus 1; (n-1) as the maximum capacity of the system is defined as all disks in the array number (n) minus one disk for parity. RAID-3 uses the writing method, called stratification of bits (bit interleaving), the data are written to all disks pobitovo. For each recorded at the byte on the disk n- ; disk parity "is written parity bit. This is a very slow process, because before information about parity can be generated and stored at ; parity disk, the data must be recorded for each of n- disc array. You can enhance the performance of RAID-3 through synchronization mechanisms speed drives, so that they work strictly ; in the leg. " However, due to restrictions on the use of performance RAID-3 has fallen sharply, and today is sold very few products for servers based on RAID-3. RAID-5 is the most popular market network servers RAID implementation. Like RAID-3, it requires a minimum of three identical disks. However, unlike RAID-3, RAID-5 produces alternating blocks of data without the use of the selected drive for parity. And data, and a checklist amount recorded across the array. This method allows for independent reading and writing to disk, and also allows the operating system or RAID controller to hold several parallel operations, I / O.
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