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one in four of this popular class of software products, such as file managers, there is a close with the arrival of the first personal computers. The class that created quite a lot, and seemingly invent something new here is almost impossible. Nevertheless, developers a unique tool called Explorer did. The proposed program is to not onlyfile manager in the classic sense : a set of four separate product, each pursuing its goals. The programme entitled Explorer is the file manager, using the Windows Explorer interface : on the left side of the window added disk directory tree, and the contents of the selected directory. The programme is available several ways to browse directories for each of them a special tab. Explorer has standard functionsfile manager, it can browse disks and folders, and perform all the basic file operations. It should be noted convenient viewing tools, you can sort of folders and disks arbitrarily, and in addition, using a filter, you can display onl s files the same type. The Quick View allows you, without opening the file contents to see not only the basic types of text files-doc, txt, html, but some of the other (eg, xls, jpg, bmp). Adding to the list of quick access most frequently used folders and programmes, we can run them, choosing a main menu item. The programme includes Zip-Archive, not only to browse the encryption, but also create them. Among other additional Explorer-ability to work with FTP, a file encryption module, support for text comments to files and folders. The basic module Explorer, the programme includes a number of others. Module synchronize files Explorer Easy Synhronizer will synchronize the contents of two folders, which is useful, for example, when working with files on flesh-diske and Winchester. The window module must specify a folder for synchronization, as well as to upgrade to a folder to be copied (or moved) newer files. Before you can start comparing synchronizing directories, thus making itse m are newer files. At the same time, the module allows users to view history synchronization, and apply a filter to synchronize. Module Explorer FastFind is a convenient tool for searching files and folders on the disk. It can be flexible searching, selecting files by type, date and size. The module also allows you to search specific kinds of files, such as wallpapers, superstructures for Ms Ms Word or Excel files fonts, web files, etc. In all, the list is more than 50 file types. And the fourth module, enters the set Explorer-module capacity playlists Playlist Creator. The programme allows to form playlists of WAV and save it to disk in m3u format. You can move the file to pley-listu higher or lower ID3-tegi edit, sort files or place them in pley-liste arbitrarily.
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