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File operations in this section :

Standard At the dawn of an era of personal computers, there were no systems with a graphical interface. All commands for the files had to enter on the command line, which was very inconvenient : to be remembered great number of commands and the keys to them on the same path to files and directories on disk had to enter in the same command line. One of the most popular software products at the time was the Deskbar Norton Commander. The vast majority of users, including the computer, waiting to start automatically NC, and started work in the shell. Then came Windows and work with a computer is an order of magnitude simpler and clearer. Graphical virtually wiped out the need for a command line, the majority of operations were carried out using the mouse. But Deskbar, as a special family of software remain popular. There are several reasons. First, the Deskbar offer very convenient regime viewing each panel, which has somehow not been implemented in the Windows Explorer. But it is very logical, natural and easy to see in one window, for example, the contents of two folders, hard drive to copy files from one folder to another. It is equally useful in the left pane to see a list of files, and view their overall size, and other information. In short, the principle of 2 panels customizable interface provides a much more convenient information than the built-in Windows Explorer. Second, the Windows Explorer has only a direct appointment, a guide and move folders and computer disks, perform standard File operations Copying, moving, deleting, renaming, etc. files manager much more functional as they built additional service tools : FTP-clients, own advanced search, they facilitate the work of archived files, etc. Third, developers files manager typically allow outside programmers to expand their functionality by providing additional libraries, plug-in virtually limitless files manager , and any user can easily customize the program to your specific needs. Fourthly, the Deskbar not overloaded schedule does not accompany every act showing animated movies, as the Conductor. Through this "stuff" files operations are much faster. These and other features files manager still make them very popular and common program.
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