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File Managers in Linux

when I talk to managers for Windows and DOS as positive arguments adopted most of the different functions, which were equipped with the product, if the file manager for Linux situation is diametrically opposite, that is, the less variety, the better. In the end, one side taking part in the dispute, the authority said that the truth is in a single console, the other side and fed it avoids further discussion. Indeed, why File Manager functions much? Well, why should it function other than direct appointment product? If we turn back a few pages of history, we will find the young man -sudya to have a student who sits in front of CD, as was said at the time, "monitor" and presents the Old trehdyuymovom in floppy drive. While File Manager did was to encompass a wide range of most, as most then worked in DOS, and DOS system is not multitasking while multitasking relative to emulirovalas it with TSR programs, sitting in RAM, and from time to time give signs of life. When replacing the classic Norton Commander has become equally classic Volkov Commander, all rejoice premnogo, even with the emergence of DOS Navigator exuberant has no limit. The world evolves, was Windows-Two titanium-FAR and Windows Commander, later renamed Total Commander. Both products through its architecture that supports plugins were four categories supplements. There is a subculture of these products. The FAR and Total Commander made the game smotrelki files of different formats, postal customers can find anything. Here, attention is drawn to the cause - probably multitasking user is out of the system, where they file managers that people prefer to work with ONE program, which combines the functions of MANY. No other logical explanation I can find. Now to look at Linux. Windows users, for the first time faced with linux File Manager , immediately called them "poor", or even what to say, the press not to be. In fact, this lack of basic principle, the foundation stone of its multitasking. Much of this. Therefore, the so - has been under Linux developers, seldom do "harvesters". Each program should carry out its functions, and do it well. Improving only those functions that are consistent with the intended purpose of the programme, the developer has the best outcome. There are the following analogy. Two programmista- Ivanov and Prokhorov. Ivanov is trying to learn all programming languages at once, and Prokhorov only Java. But Prokhorov exploring Java, and is an excellent paying job, and Ivanov at this time continues ... all going to learn. Sniper to be a sniper, and if he would swing with a bayonet, is the use of this will be short. So linux file managers are particularly narrow specialization. They work with the files. The most popular line of File Manager is Midnight Commander, the appearance of its most similar to the good old Norton Commander. Two blue bar, the menu bar, and the command line, and nothing more. Meanwhile, it is one of the most convenient file manager, with whom I have worked. Although I use KDE graphical environment, but to communicate with the file system is often preferred in the console Midnight Commander - he always flies on my window on the screen. Midnight Commander Figure 1. Midnight Commander Midnight Commander excellent browser, in addition, it built a pager text files, speak Russian encoding. No, I do not contradict itself, saying that "excesses" - such smotrelka files, as well as built-in the Midnight Commander editor, it is required - because in many Linux configuration files, often requiring changes, and for programming the editor very convenient because equipped syntax. If Midnight Commander press Enter on file somewhere, it is likely that you will be able to view the file, run or play, depending on the nature of the file. Is Midnight Commander know how to play music or video display? No, he just has a good default settings to file to run for MP3 player XMMS, Mplayer, video, image-utility Display. You say, what is this? Indeed FAR and can cause external utilities. Zadov counter question-then what he stands? This refers not to kisses. Just a question. All you need to work with files in Midnight Commander present. This FTP-klient, and the ability to enter the archives of the directory, and even the ability to file some massive operation. Last enough to make the files in the list, then press F2 to access the User Menu and select a paragraph do something with the current file (something to do with the current file), and appear in the window to the field I want to introduce you to the command. For example, emit cartoons with such files in the DivX format. Press F2, selecting the above menu, and enter the command : mplayer. All! To be consistently shows all available files. Incidentally, I am a user - perhaps not only translated into Midnight Commander menu. But that did not make them less useful. Item Compress the current directory to store the contents of the current directory. Also present function of compression and decompress files. On the console turn now to gui and draw attention to another File Manager , Krusader, the letter K at the beginning of the title which clearly indicates ownership of the programme by graphic environment KDE. Krusader appearance and the functions can be compared with Total Commander. Like Midnight Commander, Krusader to "transparently " to work with files, FTP, etc. All this is achieved through the so-called virtual file systems. Krusader also has two panels, each of them may contain a few tabs, "Pro", as the pages in Opera or Firefox browsers. This is very handy if you want to copy some files from dozens of directories in one, while actively working with each of the dozens of catalogs. Krusader Figure 2. Krusader The Krusader is a useful tool synchronize directories, powerful search tool, manager mount sections (from their automatic mounting), the breakdown of a file into equal parts (for example, if you move a large file across multiple disks) and the assembly file together from fragments. Krusader can interact with other utility-KRename intended for mass renaming files for a given model with different parameters. Krusader has a built smotrelkoy images, and text-based files (based editor Kate, which means that there are syntax, and the choice of encoding, and dozens of other functions). But in this case, the Krusader can display the file in hex mode. To quickly move between folders Krusader provides a bookmarks, and they can give rise to local or network directories such somewhere FTP. So Krusader know how all that should be able to File Manager . What plugins, you may ask? Plugins providing access to other file systems, as the software for Total Commander? It is very simple. - Caesar what is Caesar's. Linux itself provides access to the various file systems, whether ext2/ext3, FAT32 or NTFS. Such access is implemented at the system level, it simply does repeat a File Manager . Want to go to Windows-razdely? No problem. Linux-razdely? They also have no problem. This is again a question that each program should go about their business, and this is the operating system to provide an opportunity to work with file systems. File Manager to do so must not - and does not. In Linux. But Windows is not "see" your Linux and provides access to working (although drivers for the party developers), until and will be relevant to the file manager software for the Windows platform.
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