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of graphic interface operating system is largely determined by the convenience of the File Manager . It was in a search, copy and move, rename and delete files, access to archives. Conductor as any standard tool provides only minimum functions, enabling navigation tree directories and access to individual objects with the mouse. Not accidentally, for many favorite File Manager is coated with the classic dvuhokonnym interface. Need two panels prompted the convenience of double operations and the availability of additional functions such as viewing of text and graphics that work with FTP, direct access to the archives of common file formats provides modern manager rightful place in the compulsory recruitment programmes. FAR 1.70 b 5 popular File Manager and archives textual interface. His strength? Plug-ins. Currently available several hundred modules, from simple to exotic? for example, to browse the disk images MKDOS-emulyatorov BK-0010-01 and BK-0011m. There moduli-calendar and calculators, games, converters and Viewer. It is a useful resource is the site http://plugring.farmanager.com. Thanks to customize the color, multiple display and sort options, the program provides a vivid picture lists files in folders. It compared folders work with the system clipboard sharing, deleting files in the cart, several ways to change the character case in filenames and work with the archives. The kit is a convenient FTP-klient. Overall FAR can be described as simple to use, fast, equipped with a complete set of functions. Text display mode should not be deceived you : it is completely software program, for which there is a need Windows 95 or later. Website : www.rarlab.com / far_manager.htm Load : www.rarlab.com/far/Far1705.exe Extension conditions : free for residents of the former USSR Frigate 5.0 Developer described Frigate : custom and comfortable environment for the management of files. In fact, file management? Only a small part of this program. Supporting popular formats package (including ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE and LHA), Frigate provides transparent with the archives. The vehicle is equipped with a viewing and conversion of images; Provides access to tapes and tags on video. There is a viewing and editing documents in the format TXT, XML, HTML, XLS and DBF. For operations with files using the two panels. Select teams duplicated common set of hot keys and buttons customizable toolbar. Manager supports dragging and provides a popup menu Explore, removes files in the cart, works with the buffer exchange and perform commands entered on the command line. Is work on FTP. An interesting feature of the program? possible to perform several commands in parallel flows. At Plug compatible with the program manager Total Commander? Other party todays collection. The Frigate built complementary tools : a calculator, notebook, Organiser, phone book, alarm. The program is designed to operate under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Website : www.frigate3.com/rus/index.php Load : minimum version : www.frigate3.com/download_log.php?ver=lite; Standard : www.frigate3.com/download/frigate3_std.e xe Terms of : minimum version? free standard? 300 rubles. Total Commander 5.51 Formerly known as Windows Commander, the manager is a powerful tool for working with files. The interface of a different : perhaps it viewed the impact of earlier versions of Windows. It is the removal of Trash, minimizing system in the area of the taskbar preview images and texts most common formats, reproduction of sound recordings. Among the interesting features? to rename the group (with automatic inkrementiruemym suffix in the name of the file), file sharing, which decode MIME format files postage, UUE, XXE, BinHex, compare and synchronize folders. Running applications provide for the command line, configurable toolbar and Quick Start Menu. Built FTP-klient is resuming tasks, the connection through a proxy server and transfer files directly between two servers. Program features over files, synchronize folders, as well as folders and file ZIP, finding duplicates, search context with the opportunity to look in the archives. The archival formats ZIP, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, CAB, RAR and ACE are as normal folders. Large files can be processed in the background. With this program, and a suitable cord can connect two computers via parallel port. Total Commander works under Windows 95/98 / Me/NT/2000/XP. Website : www.ghisler.com Load : ftp://ftp.radio-msu.net/pub/Mirrors/ftp.simtel.net/simtelnet/win95/filemngr/tcmd551.exe terms of : shareware, the full cost? $ 30 AB Commander 6.1a In the past, this program called Singularity. Using the familiar idea of the main window interface with two panels, it will replace Windows Explorer. Simultaneous work with two folders facilitates many file operations, making them more effective. AB Commander offers a rich set of tools for navigating the file system and manipulate files. You can save time by using the convenient control panel devices, the favourite lists and stories, customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts. Manager equipped with an interface for entering commands at the command line, allows you to filter, compare and synchronize the contents of folders, provides treatment to normal, virtual and compressed folders through a single unified interface. Among the possibilities? sharing large files into parts, viewing images, print lists of files. The AB Commander works on computers with Windows XP/2000/NT. Website : www.winability.com / ABC commander Load : www.winability.com / download / abcxp.exe terms of : shareware, the full cost? $ 39.95 File Manager acts as an intermediary between programs and data to the user. Despite the apparent progress in this area, todays managers follow the canons, claimed de facto back in the time of Christ Norton Commander. Devotees of classical architecture and modular stay faithful FAR. For users, associate text mode for the early medieval prefer the program expressed in a graphical interface. The choice is yours.
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