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The new version Deskbar

The people running the new version Deskbar (in the section "Management Workshop files "). Interface Deskbar closer to the traditional list of the files of Windows, the properties of files and change in the pop-up window with tabs (the same as in Windows) and visually separated from the files of individual transactions with the facilities and the creation of new facilities. The lists of files used grouping files by type : sites created template, the usual pages, images, text and other files , each file type shows its icon. If desired files can ungroup. files and folders can now be put verbal description, making it easier to navigate large windows. For example, if you have several albums to the list of files identified as photo1.html, photo2.html, etc., can be called their "Summer 2001", "New Year's Day in Prague", etc., so that subsequently these files for easy work. Your Deskbar have the opportunity to determine which type of files and what columns, ie properties file (the description of the pattern, size, date last modified), show. Learn more about the features of the new version Deskbar can be read in aid.
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