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as a File Manager at the Russian computer space almost always choose one of two programs - Total Commander or Far. Nothing I have against healthy conservatism, but never hurt broaden horizons and learn from others, sometimes quite good "files commanders, who successfully replaced the standard Explorer. By the way, "Raznosoft " had already dealt with the theme File Manager (read about managers Frigate, Servant Salamander and Nomad here). PowerDesk Developer : V Communications Link to files Licence : adware / shareware In the PowerDesk may be one or two of your file, each of which you can enable or disable the display of folder tree. Toolbars fully configured, you can also choose a fixed scheme destination keys. There is a feature to add comments to files just for a single click and the colour of your folders in different colors. The search can be saved search criteria and the list of files found. Pop-up hint shows extended file information, such as the name of MS Office and ID3-tegi to music in MP3 format. Version 5.0 was already built and manager of music collections. Power Desk handles archives ZIP, CAB, ARJ and GZIP as normal directories. Alas, the search files only in archive; In addition, the program does not work with nested archives files. But you can change the date and time of files permanently delete them, and even encrypt the DES algorithm. Power Desk basic version is free, it has no restrictions on the use of time, but shows a small banner with a proposal to buy the program. Paid version ($ 29) differs from a free FTP client built, as well as the images, renaming the group and synchronize directories. TrackerV3 Author : Donald Lessau reference to the download Licence : freeware basic idea is very simple interface TrackerV3 is a guide to the rapid viewing. When you move from one file to another, the bottom panel displays their contents (formats gif, png, tif, jpeg, bmp, html, mp3, avi, mid, snd and others). You can also see the presentation of a text or hexadecimal file attributes and time of creation, file version. The Russian incorrectly displays the letters in a text pager, but this problem can be solved by selecting font Heavy Font. The list of new directories used (it remains among the launch programme), there is a search for files with the support of the difficult conditions and attributes of NTFS and maintaining the list of files in the current directory (in text or tabular CSV). In recent versions TrackerV3 3.50 a quick review of the system fonts and TrueType, Type 1, HTML files, MHT and PHP, pop-up window displaying extensive information on file and export (including a directory) in CSV-fayly. Added to the display and edit ID3 tags for MP3 music. 2xExplorer Author : Nikos Bozinis reference to the download Licence : freeware interesting hybrid Explorer and Norton-podobnogo manager. The two panels file, the screen displays more and directory tree, which leads you to switch to the appropriate directory. In 2hExplorer embodies the best features two interfaces : on the one hand, the drop between the panel and wood, cut and paste files and, on the other hand, is on file mask, rapidly changing drive on Alt-F1, Alt - F2, filters in the file pane. Even shortcut half repeat Norton Commander, half-Conductor : for example, to rename a file using F2, and copying and moving-F5 and F6. Search for files and synchronize directories implemented in the same way as other similar products. But "mergers and permanent removal commendable, and generates a command file on dedicated file names (can be used to rename the group). There is also a simple editor and viewer with the hexadecimal mode, and print documents. Last alpha includes renaming the group, with links to NTFS hard, fast viewing of text and binary files, synchronize directories on the content. Stability of work, however, leaves much to be desired.
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