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Free Copernic Desktop Search (www.copernic.com, 2,6 MB), as if ugadav my desire, first proposed the point necessary parameters and directories indexation. Of course, the default is ready Copernicus index everything, but after double clicking on the desired area, we are free to choose a particular file type, or even prohibit softine index this section: Skip all files in this folder and its subfolders. Alas, Copernicus agrees index exclusively entire section, denying us the right to choose the directory. What would have to accept. So, we propose indexing Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos. These involve the following categories: all formats, MS Office, WordPerfect documents, PDF files, HTML pages, "" sermyazhnye text TXT and RTF expansion, coupled with other formats (. ASP. C. CPP. CS. H. INC. INI. JAVA. And PAS. XML). Archival formats Copernicus knows "five points":. GZ. And RAR. TAR. Add support background here HLP format tags and audio files in the MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV. Obviously, in order to combat the author of the most lines, Copernicus modestly going on with EXIF metadata in JPEG image files, and GIF formats. After the news about such opportunities indexing metadata in the same video files (MPEG, QuickTime and Windows Media) vosprinyalos, as a matter of course. To all others, Copernicus, without the slightest self-employment "calculated" directory with the location of postal bases Outlook Express, offering scope to include in the search contacts from the address book. Moreover, the "astrologer" familiar with the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, sees God, I was beginning to like this [7]! After the initial installation parameters, I changed the location umolchalnogo catalog index bases (C: \ Documents and Settings \ vashe_imya \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Copernic \ DesktopSearch) at a tolkovoe (Button Options> Advanced> Index> Index folder), after what Copernic with a sense of deep satisfaction to take up their direct case. True, "" astrologer warned that the ability to work in absolute silence, the Resurrection, with a simple computer. So turn off all kinds Screensavers, and the program will create an index base. Time mentioned indexing logical partition was 22 minutes, and we have not been able to "sell on" Copernicus deleted from the index unnecessary us folders. Volume of the index base of 137 GB. As you can see, "Ischeyka" loses several foreign competitors in this aspect. We will see how softina cope with its substantive work-searching for files and documents. Please note that the request does not necessarily press the search button - this process begins automatically after entering the original text. However, a request can be entered in the program panel poselyayuscheysya System Tray in the system. Two small-plus in personal credit. The first test-search by a friend, we note the phrase "Anti-virus" gives quite logical result: paper found. But how do you? The file I have there in two formats: DOC and RTF. Why RTF- file is not found? A repeated request Copernicus did not find any documents! Miracles, and soon. At the third attempt was again found only DOC- file. All proved prosaically: Copernicus this RTF- successfully locate files, but only with the text written Latin. More than rusofiliya strange ... Already without particular hope to enter the same query box 300 marks the entry to the article "The Second Coming" and the SP asitelya ... there can be! - document instantly found. That is not what we are expecting, so this: every query words highlighted color. With much interest Copernicus ask me to find information on the songs "Yellow Moon" from the album Grebenschikova said, as the current youth, "easy! ", With the western softinu no tags this troubled Russian-speaking MP3- file. However, Copernicus again shown a rare obstinacy in refusing to find information in Russian-format files and Web pages. And, in search PDF documents gave excellent results. Maybe me more luck with the next party championship.
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