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Another development of the Russian-program "Sledopyt 3.0" from the company Medialingva (www.sledopyt.ru) issued in two inkarnatsiyah: personalized version (300 rubles) the ability to index and find information in the popular DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, XLS, and PPT; But professional changed (38 MB, 1200 rubles) can theoretically please indexation ZIP archives, PDF documents, search postal bases MS Outlook and use word morphology. Start installation of "great" need to install SQL Server. I wonder why my home computer siya wisdom? True, a virtual Apache server on my machine has a long and irreversibly, as they poladyat? .. After installing SQL Server has come through the program itself, like honestly reported on the launch of the need for its own server, softiny, normal work. After restarting, and the launch of SQL Server keen notified me that the de "For the first time Sledopyt created for the search, umlochaniyu" (sic!) And suggested immediately begin indexing. Rather than such commendable zeal, I decided to take a look at these "for the search," umlochaniyu: as it turned out, subject to indexation every disk partitions. No, I had to leave the desired section for indexing, as the program again intervened, offering to save the settings and begin its work. The same happened after the selection of folders with postal bases. Yele otbivshis from such "hospitality", the author decided to find out the location of this directory with the bases index (the Properties button), alas, in this window, I have not been able to choose a different directory. The problem with the treatment decided to search box: Options button concealed desired folder with the option of replacing bases index. This, dear readers, almost all. Yes, this is because the module avtoindeksatsii, running each time Windows starts, filed no signs of life, as well as the utility of my wireless adapter from ASUS. In an attempt to withdraw from the program suspended, the latter reacted nervously briefing on the crash in your SQL server. Alas, all conceivable "Dance with bubnom" never gave a positive result. To all others, launch any applications with the monstrous delay occurred. Obviously, my MS Word for Fatah programmistov-gramoteev, Taiwan peace charming perl "Zapstit service avtoindeksirovaniya" coupled with "umlochaniem mentioned." Particularly poignant this keyword attaches linguistic thrust company Medialingva "... When well-deserved "murder" Sledopyta Sabbath vozopil predsmertnuyu its request for manually removing software catalogs. Pomiluyte but certainly uninstall procedure can be brought to mind. Obviously, every case Gaps in the program, as evidenced by the fact that the first distribution downloaded from the link developers do not want to be required to justify such a mysterious sabotage "Program 25 # error". As we can see, the second distro proved little better ... Sorry, but you who mileyshy? Oh, Copernicus ... Then ask for mercy, I heard a lot of good about you.
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