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Canine joy

I am still uncomfortable for the schenyachy excited, I rubber boots with the free version of the famous "Ischeyki 4.5" (www.isleuthhound.com/ru/): pozarivshis at costless "pits", the author of these lines has received a very limited version of the software. Alas, I have proposed indexing and searching in only three of file formats: TXT, DOC and HTM / HTML, and the only establishment of a database. Sam blame pre-need to look at policy options. Had to cause more advanced "watchdog" Ischeyka nicknamed "Professor" ($ 15). Four hundred rubles for our times-not so much money. "Prof" Ischeyka know how to "ferret out", in addition to the standard and TXT HTM / HTML, DOC office expansion and DOT (MS Word templates), coupled with good RTF. At the vyuchka Ischeyki "Prof" ends. However, tyavknuv joy, "dog" on their povedala additional talent, "if skormit" zhivotine additional modules. Then everything becomes really obvious to you is not stupid puppyof search engine from the system: without any problems will be detected and indexed text files in ASP, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) in MS PowerPoint presentations and documents skuchneyshih MS Excel [6]. To all others, "Ischeyka" raspravitsya archival ZIP extension, reference CHM format, ID3- tag MP3- PHP files and documents. However, the module with support for one format would have to pay additional 6 dollars (20 chohom bucks for the whole set of plug-ins) or order Ischeyku "Prof" Deluxe for $ 29. What would have to sacrifice the sake of an objective test. However, the release date is puzzling absence modules - 2002 ... The first thing that I would advise to do at the end of the installation to abandon a proposal to create a new zone of search and select pre-created folder to store base of documents Index (Options>> Folder index files). The fact is that the "default" Ischeyka burning desire to immediately index specified sections of it, creating the index base in the program directory. When reinstalling the system much easier to substitute "finished" Ischeyke database indexing. In my case, using a logical drive F: where I turned off in search directories and files with drawings, in which the search is meaningless: time indexation then decrease. "Then Ischeyke" should be on the team of file extensions for indexing. Please note that originally disabled indexing postal EML formats and MSG, ZIP archives, and some others. In this case, the choice of formats is the "master". After that, "testimonials" Ischeyka proschitala indexed documents (the number stood at 15,968 units moved summary volume 1,75 GB), and then proceeded to indexation keen, like lasted 24 minutes. The size of the index base at 144 MB. Pay attention to these figures: these data and will, among other parameters that determine our search leader. Well, check hvaleny ischeykin "talk": as a victim choose the name of your articles cycle humbly servant, "Antiviral note." Put these talking in the query box, "Ischi komanduem program! "And almost instantly get the results: the name and location of documents with the phrase, and the date and time it was created opusov, and the original language. To complicate the task, "and" natravim program to search ID3- MP3- tags in files. In one of the directories stored album "Aquarium" with Russian tags. Search Names Russian compositions, as well as by the name of "Boris Grebenshchikov" did not yield results. What's wrong? Friends try to enter all the letters "BG", and then get a mass of references to the documents to a foreign criticism of Bill Gates and ... only MP3- shkoy, in a tag containing the desired letter. Indeed, there Grebenshchikov and shivering on povestvoval ekzistentsii, but the tags have been implemented Latin! It became to be about finding Russians tag can be put aside. Another method of "sadistic" came to fame: Resolve to seek entry to search for his article "Second Coming" asitelya SP (see # 10 DK 2004): Three hundred characters. Alas, "Ischeyka" sobs tail, solemnly skulila, raportuya result of zero. Advanced search also does not lead to success. Here is a hvalenoe and canine sense. Of course, "Prof Ischeyka Deluxe" and has positive qualities: the creation of an unlimited number of search zones (zones Manager search), and the absence of a limit on the number of documents in the same area searches; The possibility of updating search databases on schedule and manually; The possibility of creating "Elected" and "requests Popular requests "that ensures an efficient when working with office documents. But, mostly, plus, in my view, is an extreme austerities in respect of system resources: "Ischeyka" eat just 3 megabytes of RAM. However, on the site you can not find the developer demo Ischeyki "Prof", not to mention the "Deluxe" modification. Maybe the ability to better nyuha dog? We will see that says byvaly searcher.
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