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Like a lot and not on the current times-only "some" 160 gigabytes of disk space. Yes, this is bad luck "odd" hundreds of hectares of "most" often forces spend a lot of time searching for a document reference: Pody, Please, where you maintained regular programming manual in PDF format or several pages with interesting information. Glory to God that the original text of articles is always kept in a safe place ... Indeed, over the years, the couple partitions pile, in addition to various forms of trash, thousands of files, which are sought at the wrong time period. To start, will need to remember what contained the text file format, which you immediately want to receive: perhaps it is an HTML page, carefully safeguarded few months ago, if Article that the trove of human wisdom (in our case) is located in or DOC- RTF- file. All of it would be just wonderful if desired file name is the Russian-speaking, corresponding to our request. But, as we know, life rarely indulges happy matches. In particular, if the requested information has nothing to do with the title of the document, "described as" somewhere in the wilderness of unknown text file. Of course, you can start to create some sort of filing system where bureaucratic scrutiny will be marked with all the files and documents with textual information, but ... indeed, and I was not prepared for such a feat. About systemic search tool (Start> Search), you can speak only in the context of "traditional" functionality inherent in the majority of tools from Microsoft. Nobody disputes can find a file by name and expansion, or a group of files on a mask, but, alas, not always. A typical case: to increase productivity, we disable the Windows disk indexing and look forward to the coming until the system will be told perebirat all good filesystem. As a matter of fact, the version of "systemic" umolchalnom search engine will accompany us everything fun teacher. I think that is very symbolic character-what "sniffer", and are able to search ... Search for information by keyword in Windows is not stellar efficiency: Try typing in a search query box, a tiny phrase from the two proposals is not the case even in time spent searching, but that it is impossible to set some strong directory where the original haunted . To all others, my English language Windows XP naproch ignores slightly sophisticated Russian-speaking slovosochetani. Withdrawal is: the use of software solutions based on search technologies. The scheme of such search engines as a first approximation, is quite simple: the search for a phrase, in the light of all synonyms and word. However, there is a "but". The fact is that the search for several words or a tiny phrase will never give an accurate result among the documents found. A search for terribly long phrases (such as half a document) in the existing applications takes too much time and resources to a very fussy computer. For example, while typing in a normal document containing approximately 2000 unique words, searches based on morphology (word of) and thesaurus (synonyms), and found documents listing will take several tens of minutes. You will agree to wait so much? As a result, produced a peculiar dilemma: with good speed "hromaet " search quality; With accurate and adequate results will take lots of time and resources sistemno-apparatnyh. Today's "soccer" for a desktop search will allow select the optimum product in accordance with individual preferences and needs. As soon as I say that the participants will not be known one program: "Russia's Archivist sale withdrawn without explanation (www.wizetech.com / ru / document-search / index.shtml). Baseline conditions "ring": indexing and subsequent search in a logical section containing listings with the texts of articles, all sorts of "user" Manuals in PDF format and mass HTML pages. Ibid. Settled with the archive folder mail messages Outlook Express and The Bat. Along program will be offered archives with office documents and is not surprised! - MP3 format audio files with ID3- tags.
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