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ISYS Desktop

It is a powerful program. Based on the level of equipment of all kinds of functions it is somewhere near the next in the list of search system SearchInform. In doing so, the size of installation file a 40Mb! It is difficult to say what might cdrom in such dimensions, because the same SearchInform with similar functionality is 15Mb. The installation process is also not very pleasant, even more accurately than the installation process. Even before downloading the program you are asked to register, but otherwise nothing. Further, the interface. Made it a very nice feel in the eye is not conspicuous, but the impression is the person already somewhat accustomed to it. It is where, and that is where to click and where to carry out search finally newbie will not be easy. It is encouraged to read the brief before-save a lot of time and nerves. To all other things added to the total lack of support in the Russian language program. Not good. In addition, the windows are not overloaded with elements of the management, but it had allowed for mnogomodulnostyu and additional windows. For example, requests for search introduced with the help launch a program, and management of indices produced with the help of a different programmki. Searches are also being introduced in selected emerging windows. With better-congestion interface or widespread mnogookonnost difficult to say, this is rather a matter of taste. Regarding the creation of indexes, the program provides an opportunity to simplify the process of installation options for the new index. These opportunities include several default templates for the creation of indexes on the folder "My Documents", "Post Office", "E-mail and documents", "Some folder", "Folder with the choice of file types, etc. These templates simplify the creation of the first index stage. The utility for working with indexes has not too successful interface, deterring some complexity (this is a very subjective assessment, in truth), but if the deal, it provides many useful options and, in general, its use does not cause great difficulty. ISYS Desktop able to index data from a variety of data sources, and provides many flexible settings for such indexation. Among the additional features indexing: support SQL, FTP, TRIM Context, WORLDOX 2002, scripts. When creating an index, if you chose the "folder with the choice of file types," you have the opportunity to select the types of files for indexing manually (for the expansion). It should be noted that the supported file types, just an enormous amount, but his type (extension) added to the existing list will not succeed. You might also note that there planner indexation. Creation of the index and 20 gigabytes of information processing ISYS Desktop has six 13 minutes, eventually showing a good time, and file size-7.9 GB. Potential search neplohi from this program. What used ISYS significantly stronger support for the usual logical operations. Of the advanced capabilities to search program suggests using synonyms, sorting filter (on the road, the name and date of file creation). The set of logical operators is somewhat broader standard set. In addition to the logical operations, the program will work with many other operators, which in principle can replace some types of searches, for example, to search syntax parsing can be replaced using special operators. Very surprised that the program lacks search using morphology. This is a serious omission, as well as search performance greatly enhanced when using morphological analysis. Furthermore, there is no list of significant words, but is a long list unimportant words. Also declared in finding such functions as a "search " approximate "and heuristic analysis." ISYS offers to choose several types of searches, that is, species-visual. This is achieved through various types of windows to enter search requests, but actually, no it does not allow to use the technology, other than listed above. Very informative Search results are displayed in a list of documents sorted by relevance. Below preview displays the selected document. Unlike Copernic Desktop Search, preview is available only in the form of plain text, to display documents in native format, either Word or PDF Html did not succeed, though, in principle, and this is not too critical. The program allows documents found breaking into groups on certain criteria (by default they are separated by relevance). You can also view documents already found, selecting individual folders (this is handy if the result gives a very large number of documents). Using the corporate network is also justified because it provides a good opportunity for organizations to network search. The system is based on building search publicly available index, which contains the indexed data from the network of public resources. In fact, the program ISYS worthy of attention, at least become familiar with it. This program - a mature project, a huge number of functions (not always, and not everyone, of course, they are needed, but still). The chances that the program will improve some of the processing search requests is not known, but at the moment it can be recommended for widespread practical use. And bearing in mind that for the home systems, it is still too bulky, the main office of its corporate network installation.
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