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Copernic Desktop Search

The program interface is a matter exclusively only positive emotions are all done in accordance with generally accepted standards, feel, in a word pleasant design. Newcomer understand interface Copernic Desktop Search will be very easy. Although somewhat confused that the designers apparently created an interface program given that the program would work in a standard design theme Windows XP. When using the same classic theme, the program will no longer look so attractive. But it is rather a matter of taste already. With the first launch, the program proposes to create searchable indexes. Several unusual thought that after choosing folders for indexing, the program offers not press any button, like "Start indexing," while indexing does not start automatically, then it was noticed that Copernic is trying to start indexing during computer downtime. Will playing in several program options to customize everything properly. It should be noted here that represented a fairly broad opportunities for adjusting the automatic creation of an index: a built-planner, the possibility of indexing during computer downtime, in the background, with a low priority. Indexation was not too fast-10 is a 51 minute slower than in other search engine (except Ischeyki still Copernic iSleuthHound Technologies faster development of the order. Now, the structure of the index. In general, anything special it is. There is a choice of file types, and, as is summarized, and in detail. Ie initially, you can choose what is required index Documents Pictures, Video, Music. On the other hand tab window options will have the opportunity to select specific file types to increase. Additionally, the index can be customized in such a way that, for example, not indeksirovalis images smaller than 16 piers or not indeksirovalis sound files length less than 10 seconds. In addition to indexing files from folders, Copernic know how to work with electronic correspondence and contacts from the address book of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express, and perhaps indexed favorite stories from Internet Explorer. With regard to the search, there are very weak. During the tests even found that the program is not looking for documents and html formats txt in Russian, allowing them to find titles only and not in content. The only thing that the program provides for increasing the efficiency of search is the use of the standard set of logical operations, and even then, the opportunity was discovered by experimentation, as it has not been documented. By the way, with help, the program also not everything is in place - it is available only through the Internet, that share is very inconvenient, and background information on the network is not too much. Apparently developers have decided that a simple interface program does not constitute a normal reference. Continuing talk of the possibility of searching, it should be noted that despite the weak analysis queries, the program provides an interesting search engine, the user can select a file type (images, video, music, etc.), type a search query and select attributes inherent in it you select the type of file. For example, audio files, it may be of value mp3 tags (artist, album, date, etc.), for images, for example, can choose their size (by permission), in general, each type-their preferences. After the search for a specific type of file, the program prompts the very informative list in the results window, and if your request came under other types of files, you can still open and, by clicking on a link. Separately worth mentioning about the window display of the results. Under the list of found files display the contents of these files (similar scheme is often used in mail clients). However, viewing text can be implemented only in the home format, and plain text display mode is not, that is not always convenient, as well as opening a document in this case is taking longer. But, given that Copernic know how to go photos and music here is the ability to view these and multimedia files. Basic principles of this program are described, now see that Copernic Desktop Search can invite us to work with the network ... In principle, you can look very long, but to see something unlikely to be achieved. In other words, the program and is not conceived as a network. Copernic Desktop Search-house search engine exclusively. It is obvious that the only (the most logical) application of the program - a home computer. Here it is nezamyslovatymi cope with all the searches users consisting of one of two words, find the desired information, and separation of search and file type support multimedia files along with the background indexing of the low priority mode coupled with a pleasing interface program forces attach only to gain confidence among unsophisticated users.
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