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Google Desktop Search + GDS Enterprise

Well of course we can not overlook such a reputable developer. The name Google already speaks volumes. The people, for years enjoyed powerful Internet search engine, certainly without a doubt decide to install it on a computer, this search engine. This f consider: Google on the home computer! However, not yielding to provocations with a widely popular brand, try soberly, objectively and, most importantly, to consider the possibility of "desktop" from the Google search engine. The first thing you will notice the absence of own-shell for the program. Google Desktop Search is still in the browser window, respectively, the entire interface softine went to the desktop version of the senior Internet-brata. Good or bad, this is a controversial issue: someone like Minimalism in the design of this search engine, but someone wants to see the full application knopochkami filled with all kinds, and so on. What strikes the eye immediately after the design? And this very fact that Google Desktop Search starts indexing everything on the computer, without any demand for it! And what is most interesting, to choose the path through indexation Google Desktop Search is not possible. Have to download separate gramme (TweakGDS), which will expand a few Google Desktop settings, including the state needed to indexing sites. Although, so far, with all these razbereshsya, it is already a standard hard disk index, so that the setup needed quickly when working with large data sets, which is very important when used in corporate networks (Enterprise Edition). However, the fact that after downloading TweakGDS, your problem resolved. Indeed, for the work it needs Microsoft. NET Framework and Microsoft Scripting Runtime. Yes alone ... installation of, and access to the settings can be made simpler and, although developers can probably understand: why write something new, when there is already a ready search engine, portiroval it on the local computer and the user "Let enjoy," and make known the name of this "regular" masterpiece. Well yes Ok, finish at the retreat and lyrical turn, the actual search. With respect to analysis of search requests and issuing results, it is all absolutely identical to Google on the Internet: the same system displaying results, the same standard set of logical operations to search requests. In general, Google Desktop Search, as the previous program is solely for searching files, internal browser these files in it, of course not. The number of file formats supported by Google Desktop Search is sufficient, but are also pleased that he visited searches on the Internet pages, taking data from the cache. Speeds Search and indexing it is acceptable. However, for home use. With impressive 20 gigabytes of text Google Desktop Search coped for eight 17 minutes. Spend a few days on the processing of information from the corporate network is not large enterprise sisadminu no smiles. Among the pluses: the index has been created at the level of (4,5 GB) with the sole leader of the review, search SearchInform. The great advantage (or omission - you decide), Google Desktop Search is that it supports plugins that are capable of much change for the better. Another thing, and plug-ins that connect them so complicates the task of configuring installation search engine that you start to wonder whether, rather than with all of this, when you can install a normal, full-fledged program, which already will all attend. Indeed, for the use of every opportunity will have to install a new plug. Even so that the program can work with the full archives need a separate primochka. Free and breathtaking beauty of all these additional modules. However, if not taken into account desktopovuyu version of the search engine, the setting of literate GDS Enterprise you may be unable, because not wasted specialists from the Google offering their services through setting up their own software for your network in just $ 10,000. If you do osilite setup and installation procedure (or pay $ 10,000 a rapid reaction brigade of the offices of Google), it will understand that the complexity of installing more than cover compensated with very flexible settings in the use of corporate networks. An important feature of Google Desktop corporate network is the use of group policies, which gives the opportunity set for each user. In summary, it must be said that the most judicious application for the program - home, work or computer. Indeed, for a computer simply install the rest, it will make itself (you may even ask what is not). Nonetheless, Google Desktop Search for Enterprise will be acceptable in cases of dire need of flexible network configuration policies for the use of the search engine, to the possibility of processing search requests will be the second largest, and the time (or money) spent setting programs in the first place .
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