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Sniffer Prof Deluxe

Based on the names you can guess that the support of Russian language in this program is. This is gratifying. With regard to the interface in general, it is somewhat unusual, but very attractive to mind. Another thing to convenience. A very controversial test, but still, it may be multi-award-not the most felicitous version (query is entered in one window, and the result is displayed in another and so on). Sniffer uses the same indices for the implementation of quick search, but indexing is taking place much slower than those of other programs. This is very strange, especially considering that the possibility of processing search requests it is very weak, and therefore not a complicated structure of the index. Rather, the case is in neoptimizirovannyh algorithms. The program has a clear outsider indexing and retrieval speeds: time spent on the creation of the index is six times larger than the same dtSearch and iSYS. Indexes 20 gigabytes texts for sniffer resulted in 38 hours 46 minutes of work. A "set up" the search took on the hard disk the same size as the baseline data for a small minus-19 gigabytes. Sniffer can be presented as an alternative to the standard Windows search, the more it is unlikely to continue. The fact that the first task Ischeyki easiest-file search indicates not only a small number of features to analyze the text of searches and advanced search on attributes of files, but even results window issuing found direct links to files and folders containing these files. Results Window is not too informative in the sense that read the entire file can be found only running it, that is built browser files he had not. Instead issued excerpt from the file, which met Keyword, in general, display such a scheme is very much like a Web search. Speaking of the specific opportunities for processing search requests, it is worth noting that there is no such thing as "text" go, the maximum that can go is a phrase, if only because there is no text input field MTEXT. Nevertheless, analyze and can be imposed sentence and Ischeyka here offers us a standard set of search: logical operations, search for the masked and tsitatny search ... not heavily. The program has some seeds of morphological search, but it may be so crude that it hinders rather correct work (during the tests were seen lining many misuse morphology). Instead, the program allows indicate when searching file attributes (date of the document file name, folder name), with these queries can also use the same set of search. You can also search letters, specifying settings (From, Subject, etc. ...). So, finding themselves sorted, what still has an interesting program, for which she received so many awards, according to information from the official site. It is difficult to say that it such a special, it is likely Ischeyki interface has to be (it is apparently, not to mention the Usability). Operations with a standard indices, pleasant moment is the possibility of updating the index as scheduled. In addition, indexes can also be used on the network. Since then, the need to Tell. Despite the primitive search queries, the program can be used to find files, so its application can be justified in the networks. Although it's very loosely, as well as a large network is a priority for quick retrieval of data using complex search requests because of the huge amount of information - and at a speed of the search, and the program is clearly the problem. It must be said that working with a network Ischeyki thought as it should. Especially for this is a separate application, Ischeyka Server. It works the same as simply Ischeyka (search engine they have one), only for documents stored on the central server or on the general resources of the corporate network. Sniffer Server creates new indexes for general resources, or using previously established. Anyone corporate network Ischeyke can connect to the server and use it to access any document (before the current index) using the Internet browser. Agree, such a scheme is very convenient: it turns out that the files in their own network can go the same way as information on the web through, for example, Google. In assessing all of the advantages and disadvantages of the program itself is the conclusion that the corporate networks for its capacity likely not be sufficient, despite dozhe good at organizing work with the network), but for home computer or even for home network it is, in principle, can and come. Although neither the speed nor the ability to search not encouraging ...
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