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dtSearch Desktop

The program, claiming, according to the developers, most fast, convenient and a better search engine. How, in general, and the rest of this review. DtSearch interface is fairly simple, but some windows or tabs overloaded several elements, because of the impression created by the complexity of use. But in reality, there is not much difficulty. The only really bad moment is the lack of support softinoy Russian language (despite the fact that the program can search for documents in several languages, its interface exclusively English). But dtSearch one of the few programs that can index web pages at the specified user "depth" (truth, "taking into account" the assembly dozakupki add-ona dtSearch Spider). This apart support files on the disk various text formats and e-mails from Outlook mailbox. At the same time, the program does not know how to work with databases, which are such attractive piece for exploration because of large amounts of information in them and the wide distribution companies, and hence in corporate networks. The speed of indexing documents dtSearch was at the right level. Going forward, I will tell you that this program coped with the indexation of information given at the other contestant - iSYS-divided and with it the second place in the list of the fastest systems. Test 20 gigabytes of information dtSearch had indexed for 6 hours 13 minutes, setting up for a subsequent search index size of 7.9 GB. With regard to the search, there are at the right level. First, the present dtSearch Stemming (search word in all its forms morphological). Using this opportunity, you release yourself from, say, such reflection, "as in the same case as a certain word had been used in the document must be me." Using morphological search is almost always justified, it should be present in any professional search. Search for the sound of an unusual opportunity, even for professional exploration. Its essence is that the program will look for words that sound the same as you entered the floor. And most pleasant, this feature works and Russian language! For example, typing the word "ear" in a search query, you will see not only by the words "ear", but "ear". Search adjustments mistakes is a very important function. Used to search for words that contain syntax errors are typographical errors can be as well errors in the documents obtained by character recognition systems, for example. A simple example is the word you looking for a keyboard. In a document contains the word "klaviatupa", it is clear that in fact the word "keyboard", just people in the recruitment opechatalsya text. So, in search of errors corrected, it will discover and incorporate paper with the word "klaviatupa" in the result. Also in dtSearch has a setting that allows to determine the extent of possible erroneous characters. Search using synonyms. This feature uses a different list of synonyms for words. For example, entering the word "fast", the program also finds the word "speed" and others that are synonymous to the word "fast" if, of course, are on the list of synonyms. Finished list of synonyms, together with the program dtSearch not supplied, but there is a possibility to use the lists on the Internet (respectively, need to be connected, which is not always convenient), or you can compile your list of synonyms. In addition to these capabilities, dtSearch can search using phrases made up of words connected by the logical operations. Each floor can be installed in the request for its "weight", that is significant. Helpful option - the use of the dictionary consisting of no meaningful words in order to incorporate them into the search, but this dictionary is also empty, and it will have to fill their own. Next, consider the program in communication. In fact, no specific opportunities to work with the network of non dtSearch offers. However, to use it in the network is possible. Alternatively, you can create some code and put it into a publicly folder (accessing). Samy same program can be set for each user on the computer or onto her at the same folder, open to general access and create specially labels for each user separately, using the command-line parameters for which assistance is described in the file supplied with the program. Also, it is able to automatically install the program in the network through MSI file. This will be taken into account settings for each connected user. Overall, a good program from the level of professional exploration. Could claim a good estimate, but win the trust and respect of the users may be reluctant to dtSearch because of several factors (not all smooth with the interface, users Russian neglected, no striking features to work with the network). With regard to the retrieval of documents, the overlap with the Russian text of the program was not. As has been their morphology neither claimed nor vague search. The system has been quite adequately for the necessary documents and a simple query in a word and use as a pair of key phrases or paragraphs what the document.
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