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Upgrade "direct search"

Not so long ago, when the trees were large and even information on the local area network business, it was not so much (that much to talk about "dozens" ridmishek in txt format, and a pair of articles on a particular user's hard drive) to any search conducted banal pereborom handful of available files and consistent test of their names and contents. Such a search is called direct and programs (utility), using direct search technology traditionally present in all operating systems and tool packages. But even the power of modern computers is not enough for a quick and adequate search giant amounts of data with the direct search. Perebor couple of hundreds of documents on the disk, and search huge library and several dozen mailboxes, different things. Therefore, the program of direct search today clearly go to the second plan, if it is a universal means. Of course, in the corporate sector, this type of search has long been demanded. Volumes are not. And, therefore, which is already a year and, more recently, clearly, technology capable of fast and accurate search for documents of different formats and from different sources more than relevant. Not long ago, "Pope " Microsoft Bill Gates, Dnepr, apparently Internet-poskovika phenomenal success of Google, at a press desire unveiled software (already, and not only) foster, develop and deepen the creation of search engines and technologies. But before the creation of a phenomenal running programs from Microsoft or competitive server on the Internet it is still too early (MS `N still does not add up to Google). Therefore turn to the existing pits.
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