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Corporate Search

The problem of the organization of data in a single database partially solved by DMS, CRM and specialized DBMS. But, the more diverse than the company and its activities, the more difficult to process information from various sources. Documents on disk 1, Oracle and various information systems - the list goes on and on. Archives html pages, electronic correspondence, and even record-ICQ logs recently is important "information sector", which can be safely connected to the main repository of data inside any large company. Based on the analysis of the diversity of sources of income and storing text data are two basic problems "information management". This nestrukturirovannost information and its search. In principle, these problems are interrelated. Since obtaining a good search engine information on the various sources, can be thus made to systematize the results. There is a problem and there is a solution. This corporate-search system, working with various sources of knowledge as to a user's computer and local area network. Their main task is to carry out a quick and accurate search for documents in large volumes of data. Such specialized programs, and now they will. Built in the same DMS various elements of exploration, a hundred times whether they are excellent, will not discuss. Similarly, home cinema and television, embedded, for example, in the refrigerator in a number not place.
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