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Corporate Search Introduction

Recently becomes ever more urgent use of the various programs, searching documents of different formats, data in RDBMS and information systems, e-mail and other data contained on the hard drive of a personal computer or local area network, and other sources of knowledge . Demand for this kind of search engines due to a continuous rise in the volume of textual information available to society as a whole, and each of its representative. And if the search was previously orientirovanny only to the corporate sector (for household use enough "direct search" with the ordinary pereborom files), the developers are now seeking to meet the needs of the average user, and volume informatsii-to increased. Even so, the priority in the development of search technology (besides the Internet) is the corporate sector. The most important parameter of any retrieval system is the speed of its work. This refers to as indexing large amounts of data, and speed retrieval of documents. Of course, the important factors are the possibilities of working with various sources of data, lists of supported file formats, and additional functionality (support morphology, synonyms, various types of search). But if we take a certain set of functions, most competitive programs they have.
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