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All these and many other issues will be a search technology Search Technology Inc of the company. It includes all the tools necessary for structuring fragmented information within an enterprise and provides an efficient solution to any problems finding and consolidating information. The main advantage and honors SoftInform Search Technology from existing systems and similar technology is patented search company SoftInform search feature for documents similar in content to a text query. It is this unique opportunity Technologies Inc and enables most effectively address most problems processing and retrieval of information in the enterprise. Through SoftInform Search Technology in a matter of fractions of a second you can find any document located on the computer's hard drive, in the database or information system in the enterprise. High indexing speed (up to 6 Gb / hour), a small index size (15-20% of the actual text information), support of virtually all popular formats of text files (including. Pdf and. Html) and the correct work with archives make SoftInform Search Technology an indispensable tool for finding information.
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