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Quiet Revolution

Russian Product Line SearchInform (www.searchinform.com) will be indispensable in any sector, whether corporate or enterprise network simple home computer. A desktop version (2,9 MB), it is proposed in two variants: Standard (1500 rubles) and Professional (3000 rubles). Functional differences normal version of a professional: no possibility of a merger and defragmentation created indices restrictions search data sources and the lack rubricator documents. For particularly skarednyh citizens are invited to a free version, only the ability to create an index. However, everything is determined solely by your needs. Technology Company [9] will work with the various sources of information, which may contain not only in file formats (including PDF, HTM and HTML, but in the most common databases of information systems (Access, MS SQL, Oracle and SQL). To measure there specification search feature is the use of lists of synonyms and the allocation of the so-called "critical words." When finished, and the first thing we registration, we propose to download and install a filter for indexing and retrieval of documents in PDF, together with the Russian-speaking morphological base. The fact is that the use of morphology is a major intellectual text search techniques, since the use of this regime allows you to enter a search string in one word, and the search will be carried out on all its keyword (such as "spoon-spoon-spoon-spoons"). Thus, the victim to incoming traffic arcane morphological substance, more than justified (the use of morphology included in the manager Index). It's time to create indeksatsionnye base (the program calls sounded "indexes"), without which search becomes meaningless: Manager indexes> Create index. SearchInform great advantage that you can choose a folder to index databases, as well as to exclude from unnecessary search directories [10]. Be sure to once again consider the feasibility of using morphological bases-default switch "Use" has left morphology, as well as the indexing of external databases (already mentioned Access and MS SQL Server, poportivshy me blood when running "Sledopyta "). Pay attention to the "Configure" button dialogue, the creation of a new index-default program will start indexing all disk partitions, thus increasing the time, with a base and the size of Ona. Choose only what we need: If you are not a programmer, it is wise to disable indexing in the section entitled "Programming files." A further wait for the end of the process remains indexation. Of course, there was no need for a single database, which will be mixed in a bunch and office documents, and HTML pages. If necessary, exactly the same set up additional indexes plug team "Mount index." The indexing process is very evident, and shows not only the speed, but the number of documents processed, as well as the number of unique words, which will be carried out searches. Ultimately, the section containing more than 20,000 documents a total of about 580 MB, is indexed was just 12 minutes; The volume of content indexed at 72 MB. Yes, SearchInform not index image and sound files, and it is not required. But several dozen megabytes indexing bases which looked like vyigryshnee against the backdrop of nearly polugigabayta index file from the Google search engine. Now SearchInform individually get a price: the regular version of the search ( "Search text tab") on the combination of "notes" issued Antiviral great number of documents that contain, in varying degrees, searched word. However, the necessary documents had in the first five. If you remember, Google Desktop Search, "" speksya retrieving the marks of 2000. Fair call, I Bored own humanism [11] with respect to the soft-ringa: letting request of the three thousand characters! Neprimetnaya tab-like "Search", as it turned out, has a unique feature: unlike the standard phrase search, is not required to pre-collated by keyword search conducted on the entire document as a whole. Nu-s, courteous, get three thousand characters from the beginning of the article "Second Coming" asitelya SP. Predvkushaya softiny fiasco, joyfully potirayu hands, but, alas, your embarrassment suffered humbly servant: a program for a couple of seconds issued absolutely accurate reference to the document, which, without any additional "hull". Not ispugal program and search in the archives. Frankly, I did not use the stopwatch to determine the difference in time searching among ordinary files and archived: virtually the same result is very fast. Continued harassment over softinoy great old software wolf: modified text query, which added arbitrary fragments frank abracadabra, then the sentence changed places. God saw, I very much like to kill the program, but, alas, my impulse remained unsatisfied: Even in this case, such a SearchInform find the desired document. To all others, the program virtually no impact on system performance. However, the establishment of one or more indexes to really search for quality is not enough. In order to maximize opportunities SearchInform require more detailed familiarity with synonyms, and stop-slovami "important words" (policy terms). For more information on these "smart" zverkah you will be able to read the "Help" program.
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