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C-file-searching personal computer at all easy. It does not differ in any special potential and eye, is that the choice of file type (media, text) and finding their seats. The speed of the search and the result is directly dependent on what we put in the query string. Searches are conducted normal pereborom files available for the match. What is justified, why create such a complex system for nehitryh needs? Just not true of search engines operating in the global network. There are no pending perebora. Giant volumes (the same Yandex indexation can boast more than 11 terabytes of data), the specifics of organizing information and global muddle make simple search not only ineffective but also long and laborious. Reading dozens of pages from various articles on the advancement search using the same Google or Yandex could lead to the conclusion that without knowing the hidden opportunities for data systems find your document on demand is not one minute, and sometimes not one hour. The problem is that such a realization of "search" is very dependent on the phrase "or the phrase" user query. What is less specific query, the search results worse. This is the axiom. And the chances of finding the desired information fairly low. But the technology works. Let not perfect and not always as we would like, but if you do discount the difficulty in finding havoc on the Internet and the amount of data, even acceptable. Third on the list appear ready solution based search technologies and their "home" analogues. They are intended for serious companies and corporations with a truly gigantic databases and pebbles under the nick documents and information systems. Main applications are data system when required to carry out a quick and accurate search large amounts of data. The scheme of such search engines is quite simple, although it is, of course, lots of unique methods of indexing and query processing: the same search terms. Given all stemming, synonyms, and so on. The key point in this case is the speed of indexing and query processing, and solely for corporate systems and even convenience of using network connectivity indices and the various data sources.
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