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Memory for disk arrays

It should be noted that with parallel access model is implemented only on the condition that the size of the request for recording the data of the size of the block itself. Otherwise realize Pas dual listing several blocks, it is simply impossible. Imagine the situation where the size of a separate unit is 8 kilobytes, and the size of the request for data entry - 64 Kbytes. In this case study information on Debian GNU cut into eight blocks to 8 Kbytes each. If there is an array of four discs, it can simultaneously record four blocks, or 32 Kbytes, for once. Obviously, in the example considered by the burning speed and the speed of reading would be four times higher than when using a single disk. However, this situation is ideal, because it is not always the size of the request, and a multiple of the block size, the number of disks in the array. If the same amount of recorded data block size smaller, it is fundamentally different access model - independent access. Furthermore, this model can be implemented in the case where the amount of recorded data of the size of one block. When independent access all the data are recorded on a separate request for a separate disc, the situation is identical with one disk. The advantage of the model with independent access that while the flow of several requests for the record (reading), they all will be carried out independently on separate disk Such a situation is typical, for example, in servers.
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