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Memory for disk arrays

Technology Hot Spare (hot redundancy) of a failed floppy disk Technology Hot Spare sometimes viewed as a substitute for Hot Swap, although it is not quite true. To realize Hot Spare need: a) RAID controller supporting regime Hot Spare (and the regime must be included); b) At least one additional drive, which, like the rest disco waters within the disk array to connect power supply and signal cable. During the initialization RAID array that additional drive included as part of the RAID, but not as active as well as a Hot Spare, ie located in a hot standby. The failure of any of the drives within the array-RAID, RAID controller automatically disables a defective drive, and activates reserve. The transfer of information (recovery) also occurs in the background, without interrupting the system. Advantages: The time during which the RAID-array is in unprotected mode minimized. Weaknesses: requires additional drive (which most of the time involves not in the system but consumes energy and generates heat), and after hitting Hot Spare in the array is no longer reserve the drive, and the sooner the better, will be required to stop the system that to replace the defective drive. Withdrawal is clear: to use the technology in conjunction with the Hot Spare Hot Swap.
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