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Memory for disk arrays

As such constructive can be used: 1) Special housing for the hard disk - letting (rack), consisting of the "box" within which was launched 3.5 "floppy drive, which is inserted into the U-shaped frame, standard 5.25" slot Packaging system. At a frame rack located a block feeding in the drive and lock with key that mechanically lock / unlocks the drive and turns on / off voltage of, filed on the drive. Usually reki have switch SCSI ID numbers to drive, indie ence SCSI ID numbers, an indicator of treatment for the floppy and 1 or 2 fans. Strengths: easy, protecting the drive casing, safe (for the operating system we) procedure for the replacement of the drive, indicators and the availability of cooling fans. Disadvantages: Relatively high price (from $ 10 to $ 150 per drive), and additional connectors schemes that could be a source of failures. 2) "cart" for the SCSI drives with the connector SCA (80 pin connector, which bring bile signal wires and food). "Trash" is a P-frame, which takes two or four standard 5.25 "slots Packaging system, and to which you can insert up to three or six SCA SCSI drives, respectively. Response Part SCA SCSI-interface connectors for printed circuit board , the substitute flexible ribbon cable, which installed a SCSI terminator transferred, connectors for connection to the controller and for the next basket and jumper (re-OMUV) for the installation of SCSI ID numbers drives. in the basket can be fitted heat sink accessories. Advantages: relatively low price (about $ 60 on the drive), a simple design. Disadvantages: Packaging the drive is not protected from mechanical damage during the replacement procedure for the replacement of the drive is not secure operating system, there are no indicators SCSI ID numbers and treatment indicators for the floppy.
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