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Memory for disk arrays

Tolerance to operating systems and simplifies the setup eliminates perpetual source of problems - "curves" driver. The only drawback - a relatively high price, but, in some cases, the use of external RAID Controller can provide savings. For example, if the system should be ra-botat two servers with RAID arrays, the use of an external RAID Controller with a total disk array connected to the SCSI controllers each of the servers, enabling Instant-saves the cost of internal RAID Controller, manage disk space , to simplify setup, and maintenance. b. Special technology-RAID controllers. As provide highly already mentioned, the main objective RAID controller reliable-tion of storage and quick access to data stored in the disk array, as well as high-level service in servicing the disk array. For optimal performance RAID Controller and the full use of its capabilities necessary when ordering RAID array (in past controller and drives itself) to discuss a number of issues, which are largely to influence the quality and cost of future RAID array. i. Technology Hot Swap (substitution on the fly) a damaged floppy disk The mere use of RAID Controller does not exclude the probability of a failure in any god of drives within the RAID-array. In this case, if used excessively RAID with incumbent (ie any level except RAID 0), the system can continue to work (through too-tion data RAID controller will be able to recover the information stored in the "lost" drive). But such work is no longer protected (or failure of any failure of the drive will lead to the total loss of all data) and the user has to stop the system to extract the defective drive and replace it with a new one. If even short-term stop-ka system or interfere in it is not desirable, it's necessary to take Hot Swap technology, which allows to change floppies (and not only them) not include system. To do this it is necessary to: a) RAID controller that supports Hot Swap regime (and this mode should be included); b) Special constructive, which will enable change floppies, no parsing shell system.
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