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Memory for disk arrays

Thus, if even a few years ago RAID arrays used in expensive servers scale enterprises using SCSI disks, but today they have become a kind of de facto standard, even for entry-level servers. Moreover, the market is gradually increasing and IDE RAID controller, it is important to the task of constructing RAID arrays in the working-stan-conflict with the use of cheap IDE drive. Thus, many motherboard manufacturers are already beginning to integrate on-IDE RAID controllers on board themselves. So, RAID - a redundant array of independent disks (Redundant Arrays of Independent Discs), which has the task of ensuring the reliability and productivity of improving. Fault tolerance is achieved through redundancy. That is part of capacity disk space stranstva is for business purposes, becoming inaccessible to the user. Increased productivity disk subsystem is the simultaneous work of several ra-ROM drive, and in that sense, the more disks in the array (up to a certain limit), the better. Contemporary work drives in the array can be arranged using a parallel lelnogo or independent access. With parallel access disk space is divided into blocks (strips) to letters-of the data. Similarly information to be recording on the disc is divided into the same blocks. When recording individual blocks are recorded on different disks (Fig. 1), the record number of units at various drives happening at the same time, and that leads to an increase in productivity of write operations. Useful information, it reads as single units simultaneously with multiple discs (Fig. 2), which also contributes to higher productivity proportion to the number of disks in the array.
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