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Memory for disk arrays

Floppy disk controllers with RAID can hardly be recommended as a RAID Controller for even mid-level server (no cache, is not supported RAID-3 or -5). At the same time, this is an excellent choice for entry-level servers, graphics terminals and systems that nonlinear video installation, for which the main parameter is the ratio tse-na/proizvoditelnost. ii. RAID controllers working together with the existing disk controller context. These RAID controllers are designed to work with system Boards, which hav integrated disk controller. Thus, the controller on the board is only "logical" part RAID controller, and data exchange with the functions assigned to the floppy drive disk con-troller, integrated on the motherboard. Such "truncated" controllers are usually supported by many full-function RAID controller, and at the same time, are on-lot cheaper. However, the decision is not without shortcomings. The most important of them - each "truncated by the" controller rigidly "tied" to a particular type of disk controller chips and, consequently, will work only on those motherboards, which is integrated in such a chip. Combining controller with RAID disk controller via PCI much tyre-gruzhaet at last, pulling other I / O operations. To improve the overall productivity of the system on some motherboards put additional interface, called PCI-RAIDport and allowing RAID controller directly exchange data with integrated on the motherboard, SCSI controller. RAID controllers working together with the existing disk controller, are not cost much more than the value of quality Ultra2 SCSI disk controllers, and at the same time, the characteristics of a fully functioning concede little-RAID controllers (absence of shows battery module for the protection of cache and is not clustering provides RAID controller). The disadvantage may be considered that these controllers "sharpened" to work with certain types of motherboards-ing, which reduces the area of their application.
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