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Memory for disk arrays

In addition to RAID 3 dignity are slight decrease in productivity of crashes and rapid recovery. Advantages: -- a very high data transfer speed; -- Refusal disk little impact on the speed of work array; -- small overhead for the implementation of redundancy. Disadvantages: -- easy implementation; -- low productivity with high-intensity small amount of data requests. Used infrequently because loses RAID-5 on the use of disk space. Realisation is costly. The minimum number of drives in the array RAID-3 - 3 pc. ii. RAID 4 - tolerant array of independent disks with shared disk parity (Independent Data disks with shared Parity disk) RAID Level 4 - a tolerant array of independent disks with one disk for storing amounts of control . RAID 4 is largely similar to RAID 3, but differs from the past, first of all, much greater recordable data block size (greater than the amount of data stored). This is the basic difference between a RAID 3 and RAID 4. After recording a group calculated checksum (in the same way as in the case of RAID 3), which is recorded on a dedicated disk for this. Thanks to a greater than that of RAID 3, the block size of several possible joint operations reading (scheme independent access). RAID 4 file transfer increases the productivity of small volume (by rasparalle-bulb reading operations). But because the record should be calculated checksum a dedicated disk, the simultaneous execution of operations is not possible (there asimmetrich-of the input and output). The current standard does not provide benefits in the near-tion with the large volume of data transmission.
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