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NTFS and FAT Performance

NTFS, unfortunately, has a much larger memory requirements necessary for the operation of the system. First of all, very difficult to cache large catalogs. Size alone catalog, which is working actively system can erase up to a few megabytes, or even tens of megabytes! Add to this the need to cache map storage volumes (hundreds KB) and MFT records for files, which carried out the work (in a typical system-on 1 KB per file). Fortunately, NTFS is successfull data storage system, which does not result in any increase in the flat areas with increased disk. The amount of data which the system operates on the basis of NTFS, little dependent on the amount of volume, and the main contribution to the volume of data that must be cache, making catalogs. Nevertheless, this is already enough for only a minimum amount of data required for basic caching areas NTFS, gets to 5 - 8 megabytes. Unfortunately, you can say with confidence: NTFS is losing an enormous amount of its theoretical performance because of lack of caching. On systems with less than 64 megabytes of memory, NTFS simply can not be faster FAT16 or FAT32. The only exception to this rule-drives FAT32, with the volume of tens of gigabytes (I would personally seriously feared discs FAT32 volume of more than, say, 30 gigabytes). In other cases, a system with less than 64 megabytes of memory just to work with FAT32 faster.
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