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NTFS and FAT Performance

Worth mentioning, however, that NTFS directory itself was a much less tightly structured than FAT directory is linked to the much larger (several times) the size of one record catalog. This fact has resulted in the catalogs to NTFS Volume in the overwhelming number of cases, severely fragmented. The size of a typical directory on FAT- e fit in a cluster, while hundreds of files (or even less) in the directory to NTFS already led to the size of the file directory, exceeding the typical size of one cluster. This, in turn, almost guarantees the catalog file fragmentation, which, unfortunately, is quite often nullifying all the advantages of a much more effective organization of the data. Conclusion: a directory structure on the theory NTFS much better, but the size of the catalog in a few hundred files is practically no importance. Fragmentation NTFS directories, however, is already confident in such amounts catalog. For small and medium-NTFS directories, as it is not sad is, in practice, less speed. Advantages NTFS directories are real and indisputable only in the event that one in the catalog has thousands of files-in this case, the performance compensates for the very fragmentation catalog and difficulties with physical treatment to the data (for the first time for more cached directory). The hard work Directory, containing around a thousand or more files to the NTFS literally runs several times faster, and sometimes winning in speed compared to FAT and FAT32 reaches tens of times. Unfortunately, as is often the case in all kinds of computer issues, the practice is not well in line with the theory. NTFS, with the seemingly obvious advantages in the structure shows not so much fantastic results, as might have been expected. What other considerations affect the performance of the file system? Each of the questions dealt further contributes to the final performance. Keep in mind, however, that actual performance is the result of actions once all factors, so in this part of the article should not be hasty to make conclusions.
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