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NTFS and FAT Performance

NTFS is a fairly complex system, so, unlike the FAT16 and FAT32, there are other factors that can lead to a substantial slowdown in the work NTFS: This procedure, in most cases, is a hard case to the performance, as well as the structure of the office areas NTFS is likely to get very fragmented. If it is possible, avoid converting other systems in NTFS, as this would create a very unsuccessful drive, which will not help even the typical defragmentation (not special), or a type Diskeeper- built into Windows 2000. Active work with the disk filled more than 80% - 90%, is a disastrous performance for NTFS case, as the fragmentation of files and, most importantly, the field office will be fantastic to grow rapidly. If your disk is used in such a mode-FAT32 will be better choice in any other context. In this final part of "one row" collected key performance features of these three file systems. FAT-pros: To work effectively requires a bit of memory. Fast work with small and medium-sized catalog. Disk commits an average of fewer head movements (in comparison with NTFS). Effective Work at the slow disk.
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