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File System file formats and Mac OS X

Encrypted files Extensions. Bin and. Hqx. Die technology, but you can still find such files. These formats have been invented for Makovskih transfer files over the Internet and other platforms to address the problem described above, when a branch loses track of resources and an important part of the file disappears. Therefore, to avoid losses, used special coding of one or more files. In this data, in contrast to the archives, not compressed, so that the size of such a coded file, maybe even more than the total volume of contents. For unpacking can be used again Stuffit Expander. Text files At Make uses the same format text documents as the PC. . txt - a simple text file . rtf - formatted text. If you have MS Office for Ma with, you can work with files. Doc. However, there are alternative word processors for Maka, came from the worlds of Unix and Linux, allowing files to work with the doc. . pages - a file created in the program Pages from the new package Apple iWork. PDF . pdf. PDF format and work with him deserve a separate article, so briefly. For the files in pdf format on the RS usually use Adobe Acrobat, but for Mac OS X is an internal, "native" format for the system. In this format, she keeps most of proprietary information and graphics. Viewing such a file could be built with the assistance programme Preview, and establish their pdf Mac OS X to you from any program that has a function of the press. Difficulties Often encountered difficulties with files downloaded from the Internet. A typical question on the forums: "downloaded the file with something so - what to do with it?" But what you're downloading from the Internet, usually represents a far not one single file, simply in order not to load each separately, they unite one way or another in an archive. Packages for this is not suitable, because it folder with files, and if he is placed on the server with Windows, and then you'll really folder. This technology works only on poppy. Because the files are placed in the archives. Some tips on working with such mysterious files -- From the Internet file was downloaded unclear. Try to drag the file on the icon Stuffit Expander. If this archive, it recognizes and unpack it. In any case, should begin to sort out from this programme. -- Downloaded from the Internet or by mail came file can lose on the road to expansion, and its icon in this case will be like a white sheet. If you guess that is this file, or you can ask the master file, try to rename the stranger, adding the appropriate expansion. Or you can try to open the file by dragging its icon on the various programs, hold down Command. This procedure makes the program to try to open the file, even if it is incorrect or expand it, lacking
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