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File System file formats and Mac OS X

When creating a M c OS X Apple SCO this problem, a mechanism introduced into the system determine the type of file through expansion, the same as that of Windows. M c OS X and perfectly understands the types of PC-File. But, unlike the PC, where expansion of the name could not be more than three letters, the system allows the use of the expansion, consisting of more characters. This significantly increases the informative and allows the file name to use correct abbreviations. For example, the popular image formats jpg and tif actually called JPEG and TIFF - with the system can handle both spellings. Apple enjoyed the new opportunities and makes its own files and quite informative extension:. Pages - a document created in the editor Pages package iWork, dspproj - DVD disc project created in DVD Studio Pro, etc. Thus, Mac OS X determines the type of file using the Classic as the old approach, to ensure continuity with the old poppy, and PC trip, using extension, while extending its functionality. Thus, the Makah implemented three approaches to determining the type of file: the old HFS as a branch of resources, PC - three approach through expansion of the file name and a new, improved, through multi extension filename If desired, you can hide file extensions. When you save a file box next to specify the Hide Extension (hide extension). To hide the expansion of an existing file or files, press Command-Option-i, pre-selecting the files and select the box next to Hide Extension in box Name & Extension. Files applications. App Programme launched under Mac OS X, have an app. (from the word application). Increased application hidden from the user's eye, and you see the name of the program itself. And the program Windows Mac OS X can not run, despite the excellent understanding of data files PC - text, images, music. But the inability to work with Windows applications is a huge plus - malicious viruses and worms, Trojans, blemishes lives of almost all PC-users, absolutely no harm to Makov. . pkg: secret files . pkg (from the word Packages) - this distributions programmes. With a double click to start the program-installation, which charters a new annex to your computer. But the secret is that the packages - and this does not file. It is presented in a single file folder, inside which hid distributions program. Spend experiment: a mouse click on any file pkg, keeping a key Cntrl, or the right button if you dvuhknopochnaya mouse. You will see a context menu, where you'll see para Show Package Contents, select it, and in a new window will open the contents of this folder. That would files distributions. Why is this needed? Packages applies to conceal from the user does not need him to office files. A much easier when the distribution programme, is not a folder with hundreds of other unexplained-files, which must still find vyiskivat name setup or install, as a single file, with clear title. In addition, the files from Packages are not involved in the search, that is not zamusorivayut search results do not speaking the names of files. Create your Package is very simple: make a new folder, put your files there, then rename the folder, adding at the end of the name. Pkg. Mac OS X specify whether you want to change the extension (this issue has always wondered when a new expansion), after which the folder is converted into a single file with the icon in the form of an open box. Of course, to make working distribution there should be placed certain files, otherwise it will simply hidden from the eye user files in the folder presented as a package.
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