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File System file formats and Mac OS X

Over the years a lot of computer file systems with their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, Macintosh and PC use different file systems. A distinction will certainly create problems of compatibility. And to know how these problems are solved, will have to start to understand what types of file systems, we can likely encounter. FAT. One of the first file systems, appeared along with computers and PC DOS system in 1981. In fact, is a simple table in which states where the file can be found on the disk. Thus the name: File Allocation Table - table placement files. FAT32. In the FAT system were laid down restrictions on the file size limit and drive - no more than 2 Gb. By mid-90 s, with the development of computers, these restrictions are needed to expand. So a new system is FAT32. Now, restrictions on file size steel 4Gb, and drive - 2Tb. But, on the principles of work, it was all the same old FAT, ie table. Currently, FAT32 (as NTFS, which is below) is the main file systems Windows-modern computers. HFS (Hierarhical File System - a hierarchical file system). She was born almost together with the first poppy in 1985. In each HFS file consists of two parts, so called, branches and branches of data resources. Branch data - this is actually the contents of the file, such as text, image, video or audio. In the resources branch provides service information on file: the date of creation and editing, information on the program creator, a file icon, and if this file - the program, then used the code. HFS + By the end of 90 s, Mak-users faced the same problems that users of the system and FAT, and in 1998 Apple released a new version of light - HFS +, which shot all obstacles to live and work restrictions. The number of possible characters in the file name changed from 32 to 255, while the maximum allowable size of a file and used disk reached 8Eib. Exbibite - is 2 of 60 - about the extent and to understand that this means a prohibitive figure, say that the maximum size of poppy drive to exceed the maximum size in the FAT32 system in the four million times! To date, HFS + file system is the main computers Apple. NTFS (New Technologi File System) - a new file system developed by Microsoft to replace the family FAT. Unlike primitive FAT, NTFS - a complex algorithm files. The main advantage of the system is reliability and the possibility of recovery after failures. Now, having familiarized with various kinds of file systems, we just can not quite expected to ask the question: "What happens if the disc removed from Maka and attach it to the PC?" The answer to this question will be simple axiom, which perhaps should always apply in matters of compatibility Maka and PC: Windows is compatible with virtually no Mac OS X, but Mac OS X is very well integrated with Windows. And it means that makovsky disc with HFS + Windows does not recognize and accept as unformatted. Although there are no hopeless situations - with the help of some commercial programs such as MacOpen, Makovsky disc theoretically possible, though not without difficulty, read on the RS. But the connection to a PC disk Maku quite simple. Mac OS enables you to read disks formatted FAT and FAT32, but with the advent of Mac OS X 10.3 and wheels NTFS. Under the disc means any type of media - it may be internal or external hard drive (hard drive), flash card, floppy disk or customary. When connected to your desktop icon will be a new disc, and you can work with him as well as with the rest. But to NTFS disks is, nevertheless, substantial reductions - they connect to Make exclusively in the so-called mode read-only.
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