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change the clones in this H_NB required for quite a long time (about an hour). This means that the collective H_NB must occur in such a significant amount of time to transfer from one laptop to another co-owner. This is due to the fact that production is currently laptops, as indeed in the first ith computers mainly HDD "protection" in the case and was with him a whole. But if popular in the traditional PC to the main HDD from the body and make it a replacement is not difficult (See [4,5]), the construction of high peaks now NB not to do so. an individual using NB, the owners of Mr. and for a child or for the scheme shows, 5, drawing operations (3) of section 5.2. During virusn eltsem virtual NB, with a PC will need to spend about $ 60 for the first laptop and one or more standby Image- clones ImjTji updated with the interval akopitele Image- clone ImjTji c (t) of the current state Lukjanenko lei laptop extensive niche s s NB public services. In fact, that at Fig.7 represented architecture kloniruemogo laptop H_NBII second order. It consists of hardware envelope with 2 ary). H-slot is a place where traditional laptop located mainly HDD drive. S (Secondary). H-slot is a port (USB1.0/2.0, IEE1394a / b PCMCIA), which may be connected additional external HDD. Clones CLjT0j, CLj T0j +1 +1, ... are virtual clones, laptops, located on removable external hard disks HDDj, HDDj one of j, j +1 st owners. Clones RCLjT0j, RCLj T0j +1 +1, ... is the backup virtual clones, notebook, posted on the reserve of external hard drives HDDrj, HDDrj one of j, j +1 st owners. to them, each co-owner of the j th kollektivnogRis laptop. 7. Architecture kloniruemogo laptop second-H_NBII hardware envelope P.H- slot from one clone CLj T0j one clone CLjT0j clone RCLjT0j clone RCLj T0j 1 1 hr redstavlennuyu rice. 3. Strengths laptop Fig.7 a short time and the ease of transmission of NB j j +1 th th user. The transfer, then Ouagadougou time literally minutes is a simple mechanical change in the off NB in P.H-slot drive HDDj belonging to the j-th user disk HDDj one belonging j +1 th user S.H- additional HDDr slot and drive needed for the creation and deployment of multimedia clones and clones, the structure presented in Fig 4, 5. S.H- if slot, and the replacement clones. P (Prim So enjoy to be a pair of replacement of external hard disks and HDDj HDDrj. Clones posted on the main and backup HDDj HDDrj hard drives can be structure, S H_NBII Conclusion From the shows that the shift from traditional technologies to use new technology utbukov cloning NB (NB-H_ technology) is available now ranks user.
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