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dimensions or keep the old overwritten> Yes, No 6. Practical advice Unfortunately, modern architecture allows sufficient erinskoy Hard-shell, as it can be done in personal computers and easily shift from the traditional PC to H_PC. This means that the transfer of the laptop from one owner to another is not likely to occur if the physical replacement of the new stand of owners, in minutes, how can you do it in H_PC. Hence clones profitable store briefly because Image- clones may take several times less than normal clones. At the same time of replacement / backup clone laptop in a laptop to be Slave, unloading Peer Netwo IP Address in master to connect to the slave machine at P A P> Master> Note : Before attempting the operation Ghost TCP / IP Slave Client is running! Local er Clone CLT0 in noutbu by clicking on the installation of replacement / backup Image- clone in a laptop to be Master by Peer Netwo 0> File name : Im0.GHO> Open> Select local (4) * > OK > Proceed with disk restore? Destination Drive will be permanently laptop today is that not manufacturability physically separated from his clone operation creating, updating and installation of conventional and Image- clones described in the 5.1-5.4, roughly the same. So if predusmatriva that zstrahovat vzmozhnyh themselves from the time-consuming restoration of the Sea of laptop if the full or partial destruction of assumed the mantle of unforeseen factors (Viruses, mechanical, hardware, software damage, etc.), should take advantage of cloning technology. This could include small additional costs. In-able PC they can be about $ 70. In the absence of the PC, through a few more value to portable external HDD for laptop, these costs may be higher. Creating stand Image- ImTi clones, which are updated from time intervals Ti can be product s pandemics or work with high-value applications, in order to increase the reliability of the system, the interval Ti (days, weeks, months, etc.) can be reduced, and multiplicity of the reservation (Stand Number Image- clones ImTi) increase. In partial or total collapse of a laptop, it can be restored from the last intact contingency Image- clone ImTi (See (4) 5.4). Note that the time of establishment, renewal and rehabilitation of ImTi of ImTi for nearly the same for 30 GB HDD volume filled at 20%, is about half an hour. In collective use his laptop to each co-owner to be Vlad the acquisition of personal HDD and Mobile Rack. In the absence of the PC, through a few more value to portable external HDD for laptop, these costs may be higher. On a personal HDDj j s co-owner can put Image- clone Imj0 personal ethical tualno recycle Tji. When collectively used laptop from gosovladeltsa j j +1- requires him to keep Mr. HDDj j-Go Go laptop owners, following the operation (3), which will take about half an hour. Then, following the operation (4), installed in NB HDDj with one drive Image- clone Imj Tj +1 +1, I can state with the latest laptop j +1- th owner that also will take about half an hour. In carrying out these operations can be used structure klonovi Multi clones, presented in Fig. 4.5. Thus, the transformation of a virtual notebook with multiple redundancy in hardware costs about $ 60 in a normal real laptop, valued at about $ 1000, will take about an hour. 7. Kloniruemy laptop H_NBII cloning technologies to offer value Dypack family / corporate itektura kloniruemogo laptop H_NB presented in Fig. 1 is a significant shortcoming. To
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