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In the fourth stage, compressed clone of the first order I1mT2 containing compressed clone I2mT1 second order, copied to the sect principal drive HDD laptop. Note that using Norton Ghost utility Explorer, which is included in Norton Ghost 2003, can be edited as a first-order clones, and partly because cloning are second order. This means that you can not extract a Image- clone, adjust its data files, folders, composition, move in a newly created data files information, the applications, etc. In other words, if you want to create a backup of data files laptop , then using Norton Ghost Explorer can simply move to the folder you want Image- clone. 4.2. Sharing laptop Modern laptops, despite its many attractive qualities, because of the relatively high cost are not available for public users. Part of the problem could be solved through the collective (family, corporate) use. But the fear of bacterial contamination, the destruction of installed applications or damage of the system as a whole notebook prevent the use of the collective. Multiple access modes and password provided with modern operating systems that do not fully solve the problem. Kloniruemy laptop is more attractive for collective use. Considered rice scheme. 3-6 is suitable not only for the individual but also for the collective use of a laptop. This requires that every j th sovla- delets this laptop had one or more HDDij disc drives, which posted a virtual clone notebook belonging to him j Mr. owners. The transfer of the laptop on loan j him co-owner must be accompanied by conservation Imj-1 clone virtual notebook, prinadlezhasche- first j-1- him co-owner at his HDDij-1 disk drive, and follow the installation Imj virtual clone notebook belonging j him co-owner his HDDij disco licenses drive in the laptop. This procedure for laptop HDD, HDDi of 30 Gb filled 20% of installed hundreds of the annexes, took about an hour. 5. An example of cloning technology to HDD drive using TCP / IP An example of cloning on a remote laptop HDD drive. Note Beech connects to a desktop PC via RJ-45 connectors with cable pairs like "crossover" of the TCP / IP protocol. If the desktop PC Network Adapter ter there, we can buy the network card, for example Realtek 8139C 10/100Mbps ($ 4.41), and install it in the PCI computer. Additional 40 Gb hard drive 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda ($ 56.18) is connected via Mobile Rack, for example, VP-10KPFU-133 Mobile Rack ($ 6.76) to the IDE connector Secondary motherboard desktop PC. To accommodate additional hard drive is convenient to use the same cloning repeated personal computer H_PCII described in [4,5]. Connecting with laptop PC Support provides shared access to sections of the new HDD utbuka and sections HDD1, HDD2 PC, which greatly facilitates the creation of the reference price for a laptop and cloning. Operation cloning convenient to using Norton Ghost 2003 [6]. At the beginning created the boot floppy disks for laptops and computers. This after running Norton Ghost must do the following sequence of steps : Ghost Utilities> Peer-to-Peer Network Boot Disk> RealtekRTL8139 Fast Ethernet> Use PS-DOS> The IP Settings will be statically defined, First IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gate Way> Floppy disk Drive A :, disk Format> OK> Finish This creates a bootable Peer-to-Peer Network Boot Disk for the computer. Similarly, a boot Peer-to-Peer Network Boot Disk for a laptop, you need only enter a
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