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or remote HDDi- external drives. 10 00 At figure, as an example, pictorial clone CLT0 laptop placed on removable external HDDi- local or remote storage of 30 GB, comprising of sections C, D, E, F size 6,6,8,10 GB respectively . CLT0 Figure 3. Structure clone CLT0 Section C contains the operating system and critical applications installed. Section D includes other installed applications. Section E contains distributions and data files office applications and documents. Section F includes video and audio files for non-linear video editing. No specific additional cost you can choose a clone of bottlenecks and so redistribute the size of the sections that section E can be placed in a disk laptop HDD (Image- ImT1 clone), T1 updated at intervals equal to one or more weeks, and section F-way ImT2, updated with online shaft T2, equal to one or more months. The very same clone can be upgraded to the one-year intervals. As images ImT1, ImT2 were compressed copy clone, we have implemented a triple backup system laptop, my vypolnyae- different time intervals. Note that, adding but one, two or more replacement disc piteley HDDi finally, you can use a laptop to the various classes of tasks with different operating systems and applications installed palette. Obviously, this technology is becoming a regular laptop with a multimedia laptop replacement clones, each clone switch allows multiple rezervirovaalong. Since replacement clones can be totally independent of each other, research Aksornkool transfer viruses between clones. There are other options cloning. Decrease, before clone of a n-fold reservation system. But regular updating Image- clones ImT1, ImT2 ..., a laptop ImTn intervals T1, T2, ... Tn. At ris.5a, b, presented the structure Multi clones for the n-fold reservation L independent virtual notebooks. The structure ris.5a set Image- clones Im1T1, 1 Im1T1, 2, ..., Im1T1, n of the first virtual notebook Beech remains under C drive HDDi, set Image- clones Im2T2, 1 a) b) Ris.5a, b. Structures Multi clones Im2T2, 2, ..., Im2T2, n belonging to the second virtual laptop remains in section D, ... set Image- clones ImLTL, 1 ImLTL, 2, ..., ImLTL, n belonging L virtual laptop remains under L . The structure of these integrated ris.5b you to save disk space, housed in a single section C drive HDDi. The process of creating a multimedia clone containing kits stand Image- clones belonging to two or more virtual notebooks, we will be called Multi cloning. Modern hardware allow Image- Recursive cloning, one of the options which explains rice. 6. CLT0 Fig. 6. Recursive cloning Image- To draw an analogy with biological computer systems, as detailed in [3,4], the recursive computer clone can be compared to biological clone, which Ménière domestic clone, and the last is another domestic clone. But if biological clones such an operation is not feasible ie, the computer systems Recursive cloning is not difficult to comply with Norton Ghost 2003 in four phases. The first phase of additional disk HDDi a compressed clone ImT1 (bin laptop HDD), which was updated at intervals T1. The second phase of compressed clone ImT1 copied to a section (for example, E) of HDD disk laptop. At the third phase of an additional disk HDDi a compressed clone ImT2 updated at intervals T2. But because of compressed clone ImT2 contains compressed ImT1 clone, it can be considered as compressed clone I2mT1 second order, and Image- clone ImT1-as compressed clone the first order. I1mT2.
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