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drives (Local removed), types of drives (built, external), types of connections (USB1.0/2.0, IEE1394a / b, Ethernet / Fast Ethernet), a method of cloning (Direct, compressed), a type of media (CD, DVD, HDD), a method to locate the recording medium (Simple, Recursive, Multi cloning ). The classification scheme cloning technology is shown in figure. 2. From grading matrix scheme rice. 2 shows that when using only locally built laptop drives feasible only Image- clones that can be developed removed in one or more disk CD or DVD. Fig. 2. The classification scheme of cloning technology Direct cloning HDD laptop in this case is not possible because modern notebooks are typically not built with an additional hard drive. Using local or remote external HDD, which can be supported klyucheny through various types of connections, allows you to do as a direct cloning HDD laptop, and it Image- cloning. In Image- cloning may create a multimedia clones and clones added, as will be described below. 4. Using cloning technology The use of a cloning technology depends on the use of laptop, the Acquisition and the requirements placed on it. 4.1. Individual use of laptop If filling HDD laptop does not exceed a few GB, and it is integrated or external CD-RW / DVD RW drive, then for the replacement or stand Image- clones can be used rewritable CD-RW or DVD RW discs. Operation cloning convenient to using Norton Ghost 2003. Since the launch of Norton Ghost must do the following sequence of steps. Ghost Utilities> Norton Ghost Boot Wizard> Standard Ghost Boot Disk with support for CD / DVD reading / writing> Use PS-DOS> Floppy disk This creates a bootable Ghost Boot Floppy disk. The next step after loading laptop to boot Ghost Boot Floppy disk from PS-DOS starts Norton Ghost 2003 and the need to make the following sequence of events. Local> Disk> To Image> Drive1> CD-R1> Ghost CD / DVD Image> Fast Then Norton Ghost 2003 said the number of CD-RW or DVD RW disks, are needed for a Image- clone, and can begin the process of creating. Installation or replacement reserve Image- clone in the laptop runs for the next sequence. Once your laptop from the same boot Ghost Boot Floppy disk from PS-DOS starts Norton Ghost 2003 and the need to make the following sequence of steps. Local> Disk> From Image> Select local destination drive1> Ok> Destination drive will be permanently overwritten> Yes The merits of cloning technology to the local fixed-RW, or DVD RW drives is easy and virtually no additional cost, as all the costs are to purchase clean CD-RW or DVD RW drive, which will include replacement or reserve Image- clones. The drawback of this technology is a significant amount of time and investment stallyatsii Image- clone. For example, to create and run by Host 2003 Image- utbuka new clone of the hard drive HDD 30 Gb filled to 30% would require 12 standard CD or DVD disc 2, and an operation Image- clone takes 3 hours. Around the same time will be required for recovery of the laptop HDD Image- clone. Thus, the change in the clone notebook need about 6 hours. If there is the task of replacing a portion of clone (separate section HDD), such as the amount of 1 GB, it would require about 35 minutes. Another disadvantage of this technology is the inability to direct cloning, which is a clone of HDD laptop. Therefore, this technology should be used to create clones Image- stand little or reservation of certain sections of HDD modest. A far greater opportunities provided to the cloning technology to local
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