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clone such tools can create the image (Image), a hard disk drive and rebuild its image. In fact, a hard disk is compressed clone laptop. This compressed clone laptop, we will be called Image- clone and identify ImCL. 2. The establishment and deployment of clones Ways to build and deploy replacement and stand clones CL or compressed copies ImCL depend on the configuration of a laptop, a set of ports, removable external docu new and used tools. CL clone created by Norton Ghost by direct cloning drive HDD laptop line Disk-to- Disk. Therefore, it requires the deployment of another hard drive. If we want the current clone laptop and create a clone would be identical to that of an additional external disk drive HDD HDDi and laptop line. There are several ways to connect to external HDDi laptop. Currently, the computer market offers mobile, compact HDD drives consisting of a 2.5 "hard drive, usually strengthened at amortized regulate the supports, and the controller to connect to the required port (adapter Ultra ATA-USB 2.0). The drive allows for hot connection and disconnection without requiring additional power, as it zapityvaetsya via USB or PS / 2 bus. The capacity of such vehicles, from 20 to 80 GB. Average speed transmission of data-about 25 Mbps. Several cheaper option is to purchase a mobile container for HDD 2.5 "USB 2.0 and the HDD 2.5" required capacity. Thus, the external HDDi can be connected to the laptop via the USB 2.0 PCMCIA or IEEE 1394. Another way is to connect a laptop to a desktop PC and the use of additional HDD the PC. And HDD connected to the computer via Mobile Rack. Depending on the configuration of PC and NB connection can be achieved through LPT ports, USB, IEEE 1394 or RJ-45 (n Vstro- 10/100 Mb / s Ethernet). Note that the LPT parallel port, due to its low speed, it is now used to connect computers virtually untapped. IEEE 1394 connection and supports data rates up to 400 Mbits / s and IEEE 1394b- to 3.2 Gbps. The data transfer speed of USB bus limited to 12 Mbps for USB 2.0 Full-speed and 480 Mbps for USB 2.0 card. Finally, you can connect a laptop to the LAN and used to house the CL clone a network HDD. In Image- cloning creates a hard disk laptop, which may be due to the compression volume is several times smaller than the drive. And Image- clone can be placed in a variety of media. These carriers can be CD-R/RW, DVD R / RW, MO, HDD. Maximum today write CD-R- drives x 52 (7.6 Mb / s), CD-RW rewrite speed is limited to 32 x (4.7 Mb / s), capacity of 650-700 MB. The sharp drop in the price of DVD burners recently made them increasingly in popularity. The capacity DVD drives is 4.7 GB, and the speed of 2-4 Mbps. There is a growing popularity of portable and external DVD drives. But feeding these devices because of the large capacity can be performed via the USB ports, and IEE1394 PCMCIA, and therefore must have an additional power supply. Magneto MO disks, but are more reliable possession, but in the form of a higher cost of drives and media are not as popular as the CD and DVD drives. The current capacity of magneto-optical disks is 2.3 Gb, with a speed of 5 Mbps. Image clones may be built as a (local), and removed by the above types of removable drives located on another computer attached to the laptop. 3. Cloning Technology Analysis produced by the current laptops, software, which can be used in cloning, and the media can be ranked in cloning technology in the same area to locate
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