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PC clones of copies of specific genotypes PCs. The remarkable qualities H_P- computers are resistance to the virus pandemic, incorrect actions with the operating system, hardware and software failures, as well as an enhanced level of protection from non-authorized access, ease of transportation, the possibility of free collective (family) use of a personal computer. In [3] provides the theoretical basis for cloning personal computers. In [4] schemes are installing computers H_P- 1, 2, the third way. In [5] described H_PC_II. In recent years, computer technology is increasingly focusing on booking not only data files, but the system as a whole. There are powerful tools, such as Norton Ghost 2003 [6] to be cloned hard drive, create an image, restore disk from the image, adjust partitions, etc. Emphasize the difference in the concept of cloning and redundancy. The concept of cloning is more common in relation to the concept of redundancy and includes as a special case. In concept is the primary backup computer meson state which must be preserved and, if necessary, recover. The concept of cloning is the first clone containing full information genotype computer. In fact, the computer is a virtual clone of your PC, which can be materialized and turned into a computer by installing a copy clone of universal hardware sheath. But because the hardware cost clone many times less than the value of real computer, the concept of cloning could be very attractive to users "Economy Class" : students, engineers, scientists gosbyudzhet- agencies, office workers, etc. Unfortunately, the architecture produced in the current laptops is that not physically separate its hardware casing of a clone. This, in turn, prevent the direct application to receptions HP- technologies used in relation to the traditional PC. However, with some modification of these techniques can be applied to laptops. 1. Kloniruemy laptop (H_NB) Under kloniruemym H_NB laptop, which provides architecture in the figure, we will understand the traditional laptop NB, supplemented by one or more removable CLi clones and / or one or more Image- clones. ImCLj. But the main drive HDD traditional NB we will be seen not as a place to store and the only major CL0 clone, but as a device for a replacement clones CLi, installiruemyh apparatus, and / or possibly one or more standby Image- ImCLj clones. A clone CLi here refers to information genotype virtual notebook beech NBi, including installed OS and distribution, device drivers, palette installed applications and their distributions, data files and other office applications files. The information contained in clone CLi, fully defines a specific laptop NBi copy and reproduce it as a genetically identical copy of maternal hardware inside of the shell NB, and outside, inside the casing hardware compatible laptop NB class. H_NB Fig. 1. Architecture kloniruemogo laptop H_NB Clones CLi fully outlining specific virtual copies Note NBi away, we will call replacement clones. The state of virtual notebook NBi from setting its operating system, installed Annexes, and their settings, the content of data files, we can save time intervals Tk. Clones CLiTk, virtual notebook NBi received Tk intervals of time, we will call stand clones. In traditional laptop clone posted on its hard disk drive HDD. So clone HDD coincides with the clone notebook. Currently, there are utilities that provide controversial cloning hard drive (See, for example, the popular utility Norton Ghost 2003 [6]). In clean
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