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Cloned notebooks Introduction In recent years, the production notebooks are two major changes : Further development on the platform Centrino laptops. This ultra-portable and excess light notebooks with a good performance and a maximum of proven wireless performance. Improved high-performance laptop class "replacement desktop PCs leg" [1, 2]. The second trend worth noting increasing production achieved bottom and functional laptop Economy class ($ 650-$ 1,100) are ideal for the budget-financed organizations, academic institutions, small offices, engineers and students. As an example, three spindle laptop Intro-1214COMBO brand iRU (Patriotic manufacturer "NCA Group") at a price of about $ 1000, the technical characteristics : The Intel Celeron 2000 Mhz; Memory 256 MB (expanded to 1 GB); LCD display 14.1 (1024 768) x16.7M colors, Videokarta SiS M650; Drives : HDD (30 GB (ATA-66/100 Ultra DMA)), DVD + CDRW (x24/x8/x8/x8), FDD; Interfaces : 2xUSB2.0 (Connecting telecommunications equipment, printers, audio / video devices), Rj-11 (Integrated 56Kbps fax modem V34/V90), RJ-45 (integrated 10/100 Mb / s Ethernet), TV-Out (S -Video) Connecting an external VGA monitor, Fast Infrared IrDA1.1, LPT (Parallel port), IEEE 1394 (half by 6-contact high-speed FireWire port, which can connect without using external power, high-speed devices such as storage devices, scanners and digital video.) , PS / 2; PCMCIA (3.3V/5V, Type I / II) is a universal interface for connecting external devices. Audio AS97, Built. the speakers and microphone, Line in / Mic in, S / P DIF staff vmeschen c Line Out; Weight (kg) 3.1; OS Windows XP. Such notebooks can be used to address a very wide range of scientific, engineering, economic calculations and research projects to align Internet applications in information networks, viewing DVD video, listen to audio CD recording, a video films with elements of non-linear video editing. The number of applications installed on the laptop can reach several hundred, and the total number of GB. When serious injuries operating system or palette installirovan- supplements most reliable and proven in practice means the restoration is currently formatting the HDD and re-install the operating system and applications. More recently, when the number of applications did not exceed a few dozen, and their total several hundred megabytes, it is not open to the special problems experienced by the average user. But at the present time, when the figures have to order such a restoration can take weeks and months. This qualitative shift in the software (PO), compared to the traditional notebook calls for a review of security issues in general. We think one way to solve this problem is to move from traditional computers to kloniruemym. Kloniruemy personal computer (H_PC), for example, consists of a universal hardware envelope containing one or more H-slots, and the implants are
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