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Contemporary disc systems of RAID

The best measure of reliability has RAID-6, together with significant redundancy (50%), this configuration uses a powerful code-protection that ensures the reliability, several orders of magnitude greater than the reliability RAID-0. Full redundancy RAID-1 makes a very good time to refuse developments, although less markedly than that of RAID-6. Good specifications are RAID-3 and RAID-5. Identical values in the art of time waiver for these configurations due to the fact that in terms of reliability, they absolutely identical-redundancy is 25%, and recovery methods match. Given the absolute refusal to time developments, we can see that the reliability of any of the following configurations (with the exception of RAID-0) will satisfy almost any user. Productivity. Productivity is heavily dependent on the structure of data flow, the ratio determined by the number of inquiries read / write, the ratio of segments on the disk size and length arrays. Frequently invited to assess the performance of devices on behavior RAID- curves response to a request depending on the value of the coefficient of input / output, as expressed in the number of requests exchange unit time. Type of these curves is heavily dependent on the ratio of the volume of data transmitted on demand, and segment length. Family Discusses two curves: one for requests with a relatively small amount of data transmitted and the second for queries with the amount exceeding the size of the segment. A characteristic feature of these curves is an express station, the appropriate load, in which the number of inquiries carried out by an array per unit of time
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