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Large files in UNIX

# mkfs-F vxf-m If not using mkfs command with the flag "on" or you want to modify the file system later (the system at this point should be razmontirovana), use, for example, the command: # fsadm-F vxfs-o largefiles dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s1 To work with montirovannoy system, in addition to the team fsadm need a special license for use of advanced features (Advanced Feature License). If you do not have such a license, the use of the team is of a message that this option was supported on version 3 or higher. Once installed in the system parameter "largefiles" You can start working with large files. One option is to use a special API-based, not forgetting to include descriptions in the texts of relevant programmes. To find the functions that have no relevant declarations, it is possible to compile a program with the flag "-v": cc-v .... prog.c If all the declarations made correctly, you have to compile an application with the option to allow override some of the features I / O to work with 64 - bitne interface instead of 32 - bitne default: cc = D _FILE_OFFSET_BITS ...- 64 ... It should be noted that the descriptor files (such as stdin, stdout and stderr), inherited from the parent process to be open to work with large files. When developing applications with support for large files, it is important to avoid some potential pitfalls. For example, if the source code is used in the description of the offset addresses (offset) as a type of integer variables (int), these variables can rest over "with" 64 - bit addresses. Other, less obvious, restrictions may arise when working with the following structures: unsigned long l; unsigned long long ll; int ss = 10; ll = (l <
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