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File manager alert 13/10/2009

Google News Alert for: file system

Review: Ubuntu 9.10 Brings Good Karma To Linux
Ubuntu is installed within a file in the Windows file system (c:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk) -- this file is seen by Linux as a real hard disk. ...
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Optimize your Mac experience with the LaunchBar multitasker
Use the arrows to find the file and press enter and that file will open in the appropriate application. Want LaunchBar to act as a filesystem navigator? ...
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Sun Unveils 2 TB Flash Storage Array
The F5100 leverages Sun's ZFS file system that's part of the company's Solaris operating system. "No other vendor today is shipping fully integrated ...
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Google: Servers are DIMM witted
This is a huge difference, and you can see now why Google invented its Google File System and massive clustering done on the cheap. ...
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File Recovery for Mac is Fully Compatible With Mac OS X, Snow Leopard
Online PR News (press release)
the latest release of Mac OS X family of operating systems. AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac allows users to recover lost data from Snow Leopard (Mac OS X ...
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3PAR Extends Leadership in Utility Storage Efficiency
Market Wire (press release)
For example, together 3PAR and Symantec pioneered a Thin Reclamation API that enables Veritas File System, part of Veritas Storage Foundation, ...
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Mostly for the Forensics Crew A rapid-fire linkfest
Forensically interesting spots in the Windows 7, Vista and XP file system and registry and anti-forensics . IronGeek. Useful list of Registry locations ...
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Sun kicks out 10/09 Solaris update
The Zettabyte File System, still one of the best pieces of code Sun has brought to market and something that the company has been trying to capitalize on ...
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Everything is Unix
Linux Magazine (registration) (blog)
A classic Unix solution to this problem is to use an atomic file operation. The common choice is to use one of the atomic filesystem metadata operations, ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

Copying entire file system to new drive - The FreeBSD Forums
By kenshi
So I tried installing a base system to the root partition, verifying it would boot, then again setting up encryption on /home and copying everything with tar. Now when the loader comes up and I hit F1 to boot, it just displays a #. ...
The FreeBSD Forums - http://forums.freebsd.org/index.php?s=b2dffcacaea56261b46573abe5897a41
Windows file, folder and volume compression - TechFuels Forum
By Keandre Willis
Windows users that have their file systems formatted in NTFS can take benefit of some further features such as compression. NTFS is a file system is.
TechFuels Forum - http://www.techfuels.com/
Doug Hellmann: PyMOTW: sys, Part 1: Interpreter Settings
By Doug Hellmann
The internal encoding default and the filesystem encoding may be different for some operating systems, so there is a separate way to retrieve the filesystem setting. getfilesystemencoding() returns an OS-specific (not ...
Doug Hellmann - http://blog.doughellmann.com/
Create deb file of packages installed in your system | fsdaily.com ...
By linuxtips
2 years 16 weeks ago; Rebuilding a deb package from an installation 13 weeks 3 days ago; Installing RPM Packages on Ubuntu 40 weeks 5 days ago; How to create a custom linux file system within another 14 weeks 1 day ago ...
fsdaily.com - Free Software News... - http://www.fsdaily.com/Beginner
Unixmen - Clonezilla Welcome, Symantec Ghost goodbye | Unixmen
By zinovsky@unixmen.com (pirat9)
Filesystem supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs of GNU/Linux, FAT, NTFS of MS Windows, and HFS+ of Mac OS. Therefore you can clone GNU/Linux, MS windows and Intel-based Mac OS, no matter it's 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86-64) ...
Unixmen Home - http://www.unixmen.com/component/content/frontpage

Google Web Alert for: file system

file system LinuxQuestionsorg
file system Linux - Newbie. ... but file system is in read mode so i cannot modify the passwd file and shadow file so how to mount file system in readwrite ...

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