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File manager alert 11/3/2010

Google News Alert for: file system

Increase Laptop Security with BitLocker
eSecurity Planet
In contrast to Windows Encrypting File System (EFS), which encrypts individual files and folders, BitLocker encrypts the entire hard drive--the operating ...
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Colorado criminally failing youth suspects
The Colorado Independent
These sorts of problems are intrinsic to the “direct-filesystem, which allows DA's to try as adults juveniles 14 years of age and older, ...
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Avnet Offers Design Techniques for Freescale Semiconductor's Tower System ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... this short technical session covers Freescale's complimentary software tools including the MQX RTOS, Ethernet, FileSystem and USB stack. ...
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WD(R) Introduces New My Passport(TM) AV Portable Media Drives
Digital Post Production (press release) (subscription)
One terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. (1) The FAT32 file system has a maximum file ...
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First Fedora 13 Linux Alpha Shows Promise
InternetNews.com (blog)
Fedora 13 is also including BTRFS which is a next generation filesystem that to date I haven't seen any other major Linux distribution include (though BTRFS ...
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Copyright "Harmonization" Hits Snags in Europe and Singapore
Public Knowledge Tech News and Comment
Anyway, modern file systems that use compression can make it so that that having “two” copies of a file in a file system just means you have two pointers to ...
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Leave No Trace: How To Completely Erase Your Hard Drives
Gizmodo Australia
However, the file could be recovered days or even weeks later with third-party data recovery software. As long as the operating system does not reuse the ...
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Michael Barker on progressive intellectuals and liberal philanthropists
The NarcoSphere
Standard unmodified buy revit architecture CRM suggests you to store documents in the file system. A recently buy windows vista business conducted survey of ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

OCFS2 for Linux Certified for E-Business Suite Release 12 ...
By Steven Chan
Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2) for Linux OCFS2 1.4 and higher is now certified and supported for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 application tier file systems. System administrators may deploy both the APPL_TOP and INST_TOP on ...
Oracle E-Business Suite Technology - http://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/
Apple Attacks Android & Webcam Studio for Linux | The Linux Action ...
By admin
The Linux Action Show, Season 11 Episode 3: Apple fires the first shot in their new war against Android, we go over what YOU NEED TO KNOW! Then - We load up.
LinuxFileSystem.com - http://linuxfilesystem.com/
ZFS snapshot name length limit? (File name too long) - The FreeBSD ...
By hopla
I'm using sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt for automatic creation and purging of ZFS snapshots. It creates snapshot names like this (zfsfilesys is not the actual name of the zfs filesystem, it's actually a bit longer. Why is this important? ...
The FreeBSD Forums - http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?p=50183
Linux News: Applications: Atol Delivers Flawless File Management ...
By Jack M. Germain
Some system utilities do a variety of things well. They come with tools to give users lots of solutions in one package. Other system apps like the Atol File Manager perform a dedicated function flawlessly without adding other ...
LinuxInsider - http://www.linuxinsider.com/perl/board/mboard.pl?board=lnitalkback
NetApp Technology Network: Snap Manager for Oracle (Unix) clone...
By community@netapp.com
Root cause: SMO-11007: Error cloning from snapshot: FLOW-11019: Failure in ExecuteConnectionSteps: SD-00027: Error connecting filesystem(s) [/u01] from snapshot smo_testprofile_tclomng_f_h_1_2c9181a726d1f58a0126d1f58f840001_0: SD-10016: ...
NetApp Technology Network : All... - http://communities.netapp.com/index.jspa

Google Web Alert for: file system

Tip: extract a filesystem from a disk image « Richard WM Jones
You've got a partitioned disk image, how do you pull out of that just the filesystem(s)? It's easy with libguestfs tools: ...

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