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File manager alert 10/1/2010

התראה של Google Web על: file manager, File Explorer, File Browser,web based file manager, file backup

Yigal :: אתר התוספות של Mozilla :: הוסף תכונות למוצרי Mozilla
This add-on will open the File Browser at the right location, using simple filters on the downloaded file. The filters are based on filenames and hosted domain's name. ... It also includes a full-featured session manager. ... IE Tab - an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of ...
לחצן שמאלי על האייקון של Internet Explorer בכדי לפתוח את חלון ...
Allow scripting of Internet Explorer web browser control ... Launching applications and unsafe files ... Open files based on content, not file extension ...

 התראת אחת ליום Google זו מוגשת לך באמצעות Google..

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