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File manager alert 9/3/2010

Google News Alert for: file system

Microsoft Enters Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement with Panasonic
“Microsoft's exFAT file system technology is designed to enhance multimedia experiences for consumers, which is especially important as televisions and ...
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Arasan Chip Systems releases NAND Flash File system Software
Design and Reuse (press release)
Arasan's NAND Flash File system abstracts the management of NAND memory, to ease its use by application level software. It automates handling of garbage ...
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First to Disclose: A Caveat to the Patent Reform Act of 2010
David French has been writing about the proposed change to a first-to-file system in the Patent Reform Act of 2010. Mr. French was closely involved with ...
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University Post-Production Departments Turn to TerraBlock
Broadcast Newsroom (press release) (subscription)
The Facilis Shared File System architecture is simple for students, faculty and production staff to master. Up to 100 users can connect simultaneously to ...
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Quick and Dirty Backups with rsync
Ideally, we'd have both the simplicity and convenience of an rsync's file system at our fingertips, along with nightly snapshots. I prefer to rsync critical ...
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ThomasNet Industrial News Room
High-Speed Data Recorder supports wide bandwidth signals.
ThomasNet Industrial News Room
What sets the Pentek RTS 2711 apart from competing recording instruments is that it records data directly in NTFS (new technology file system) format. ...
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Nexenta Adds Data Dedupe to NexentaStor 3.0 with ZFS
Enterprise Storage Forum
According to Channel Web, ZFS is the most widely-deployed enterprise-class file system in the world thanks to its adoption by Sun Microsystems for Solaris ...
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VMware Labs shows off latest development projects: News in brief
With VGC, for example, administrators can list running processes, perform basic file system operations against the file system, manage snapshots, ...
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Sony FeliCa Technology Powers Blackboard Solution Bringing Contactless ...
PR Newswire (press release)
The Blackboard Transact contactless solution features FeliCa technology with a secure file system and data communication structure that enables ...
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Update: Department of Revenue to Combine York and Harrisburg District Offices ...
PR Newswire (press release)
EDITOR'S NOTE: This news release originally listed an incorrect web-link for the Direct File system. The system can be accessed through the Department of ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

How to Install Debian Linux on an Embedded System (PPC440EPx)
By Melissa Soriano
This file is specific to the Sequoia reference board and will require modification based on the actual system. Recompilation of u-boot was necessary. A standard Debian Linux filesystem was used along with a custom version of the Linux ...
System Administration, Software... - http://www.thebitsource.com/
U.S. to move to first-to-file for patents? « IP, Innovation and ...
By James Gannon
The biggest change to U.S. patent law found in the 2010 Act (which was also in the 2009 Act) is a move from a first-to-invent to a first-to-file system to determine priority of invention at the USPTO. In 1998, the Philippines amended ...
IP, Innovation and Culture - http://innovationandculture.wordpress.com/
The Official DreamHost Blog! » The fight for stable Private Servers
By jeremy
One of the kernel patches that makes that possible is called AUFS (Advanced Unification File System). After much back and forth with its developer, we finally got a patch back that fixed the problem. That took a couple more weeks (and ...
The Official DreamHost Blog! - http://blog.dreamhost.com/
First to Disclose: A Caveat to the Patent Reform Act of 2010 ...
By Dennis Crouch
David French has been writing about the proposed change to a first-to-file system in the Patent Reform Act of 2010. Mr. French was closely involved with Canada's 1989 switch to a first-to-file system. Rather than moving to an absolute ...
Patent Law Blog (Patently-O) - http://www.patentlyo.com/patent/
Where files go to hide « Quick and Dirty Hacks
By Karl Lattimer
By concentrating on the fuse/device integration with nautilus rather than a specific filesystem add-on inside the nautilus UI we keep nautilus small and unbundled from the data store and allow for other fuse filesystems like GNOME ...
Quick and Dirty Hacks - http://www.qdh.org.uk/wordpress/

Google Web Alert for: file system

How to overwrite the file while using FileSystem Task?
Mar 8, 2010 ... it has been renamed into Sales_03_2010.abf (second task) - (I have written the expressions in the connecton string of the file system task). ...
System file coruption
Hello, sir my phn often get sofware crash, evn my system files gets corupt,and hence affects ma phone very badly, plz help me.
HPUX (UNIX) file system aleret on moved file system
Mar 1, 2010 ... I have a couple of file systems that have been moved to another server. The problem is that the old server they were on is now alerting that they are no ...

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